by Dr Werner Kerschbaumer
(Cape Town, South Africa)



The number 1 question people should ask before joining any MLM company is: Can I really make money with this?

My logic says if you want to make money, you have to go where the most money is, right? I've heard that the most money is to be found where the biggest momentum and growth is. For me, that is the best description of XanGo - sustained momentum and growth.

Add into the mix: focused leadership with over 150 years industry experience; proven distributor training & education systems; a culture of corporate social responsibility which commits 7% of corporate profits to charities

Blend with: unique, category creating products; unparalleled branding and compelling product narratives; carefully timed and positioned product launch strategies

Top off with: a truly fair and rewarding compensation plan

Result: a solid opportunity to capitalize on products that are as unique as they are effective.

The product line up is simple, demands attention and is intelligently positioned to cover current market trends in the natural, wellness and green movements.

I find the Xango products compelling, effective and easy to promote.

The health benefits I personally experienced with XanGo Juice solidified my business decision and it is now my favorite natural product that I recommend to patients in my practice.

My greatest challenge is that I'm based and operating from a country which isn't yet an officially opened market. Fortunately the internet
is a huge advantage and the international seamless compensation plan allows me to earn commissions from other countries also.

More about XanGo's success story...
XanGo creates and launches new categories of products, not just me too products. When they exploded onto the scene with their first category creator and flagship product - XanGo Juice - they rewrote the history books for first year sales revenues of US based MLM companies. The previous record was $12million, XanGo did just under $50million. Skeptics said it wouldn't last but the momentum continued and XanGo achieved sales figures in 5 years which took previous pace setters more than a decade to achieve. And they did it with just 1 single product. Yes, you read right - 1 product. No company has achieved that before or since.

Among thousands of MLM companies, only 40 companies in history ever passed $100 million in annual sales. XanGo passed that mark after it's second year. Now 7 years old, XanGo is fast approaching the $2 billion mark in cumulative sales. And a full 50% of that revenue went to commission payments to distributors. Not "up to 50%" or "as much as 50%" - the full 50%.

Consistent growth plus fair compensation means distributors stand a good chance of earning good money with XanGo. That's why XanGo has attracted industry legends. I chose to follow suit.

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