USANA Distributor Pam Wisner

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Pam Wisner, United Kingdom
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Business Opportunity Web Site (on that page, click on "Opportunity")
Product Sales Web Site
Do you emphasize sales of your Products or Services or do you emphasize recruiting new distributors?

About Equal
What is you Primary Marketing Approach? From a list of 3 choices: 1) Traditional, face-to-face Network marketing; 2) Internet Marketing; or 3) Party Plan.

Internet Marketing
What are the Advantages of your Business Opportunity?

1. The Right Industry.

Positioned in the Health and Wellness industry, USANA and its associates are in the right place to take advantage of what is predicted to be the next major consumer trend to be driven by the
'Baby boom' generation.

2. The Right Team.

The values and integrity of the USANA management team are made very clear in the manner in which the company is run. The no-compromise approach of it's founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, is the driver for relentless product research and development, as well as a pharmaceutical standard of product manufacture and quality assurance (something which is not an obligation in this sector).

3. The Compensation plan.

The Binary plan operated by the company for its associates, very much encourages upline support of associates. Being also seamless across international boundaries, it offers any associate the opportunity to
build their business in any country in which USANA operates.
What three (3) changes would you recommend to the management of your company to make it an even better opportunity?

Open a distribution facility in the UK, in order to improve further customer service to UK distributors and customers.
What kind of training and support do you, your upline, or your company provide?

Initial training information is contained in the USANA Business development Kit (Paperor Electronic). As previously mentioned, training and mentoring support from upline, I have found to be excellent. USANA has attracted some of the best motivational speakers and trainers in the world today - including Dr Denis Waitley and Robert G Allen. There are numerous training calls running every week - from Global Opportunity calls, to more regionally or team-specific calls. In addition to this, team training meetings are organized, enabling cross line networking opportunities. The Online back-office, provided by USANA to all associates is a superb resource, for both training tools and for detailed information on the performance of your USANA business.
Personal Information
My interest in USANA was initially sparked by productand opportunity, equally. I believe that I am well placed to offer appropriate to support to my team - whatever their emphasis may be with their USANA business.
I am very excited about developing USANA in my country of residence - the United Kingdom. This is at present relatively untapped territory for USANA distributors, and I believe it offers enormous potential for business growth.

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