triniti communications

by Danny Wild
(Fargo, N.D.)

Nuclius Home

Nuclius Home

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Who We Are and Our Vision for the Future
Our company is Triniti Communications International We are headquartered in Canton, OH in the USA and can be found online at We are a privately-held next-generation digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company driven by a powerful business model that is designed to accelerate controlled growth into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise, foster more personal relationships between customers and company, and develop a much higher customer retention rate than our competition.

Our long term global vision is to replace every outdated, overpriced and underfeatured cable and satellite TV service with our revolutionary, cutting-edge, portable 1080p High Definition Entertainment System called Nuclius? and its associated digital products and services. Our goal is to in-time have Nuclius serve as the digital communications, entertainment, automation and security nucleus of a home. This has never been done before and we will accomplish this by introducing the world to a totally new process we call "unification" that will drive our future and be the foundation for a revolutionary, innovative, seamless and more interactive way to use our HDTVs, mobile phones, home phones, broadband Internet, home security and more in our everyday lives.

Here are a few key points for you to consider about our industries and why the time to unify and streamline these technologies with a product like Nuclius is long overdue.
Home, business and mobile telephone service is a basic necessity that everyone needs and a convenience that everyone wants. Most US households have a least one phone line and at least one mobile phone. This number is dramatically increasing on a daily basis.
High-Speed Internet service is a basic necessity that everyone will eventually need to live in a world of all digital technology. Every household in the US will have high-speed Internet access within 3 years.
Almost every household in the US has at least one TV with either cable or satellite TV service. At a breakneck pace people are adopting HDTV service in IPTV form because it is faster, cheaper and provides superior picture quality. Within 3 years every household will have at least one high definition TV and IPTV is being chosen as the content delivery platform of choice in record numbers.
People are tired of the ridiculously high prices of phone service, cable/satellite TV, cell phones, high speed Internet etc. and are looking for viable alternatives.
VoIP digital phone and HD IPTV technologies are premium quality, portable worldwide, have more value, are very easy to use and provide huge savings and flexibility over traditional phone and cable or satellite TV services.
None of these technologies have been combined and streamlined in any meaningful way that will complement and enhance each other or our quality of life until now.

Our Cutting-Edge Digital Products and Services Mix
Nuclius HDTV? Service
The unique way we will introduce our current and future unified technologies to the consumer marketplace will make the misleading term "bundled services" completely obsolete overnight. Triniti Communications will be the first to introduce "unified services" to consumers through our revolutionary and incredibly powerful Nuclius set-top box device. The term 'bundled' means basically combined for the purpose of cost savings. 'Unified' means combined for the purpose of seamless, advanced and integrated functionality along with even better cost savings than what bundled services can provide. This is the future.

For the first time in history, consumers will experience truly integrated Broadband Internet, Premium VoIP Digital Phone, 1080p HDTV,
Video Conferencing, Home Security, Home Automation, Web Browsing, Secure Shopping, Movie Rental, HD Video Gaming, Media Library Access, Biometric Keyless Entry, Biometric Username & Password Management, Heating/AC/Lighting Control and more from one seamlessly integrated revolutionary device...all securely accessed, managed and controlled on your HDTV screens, computers or Spirit Mobile devices.
Nuclius? Device with Nuclius Home? HDTV Service

Soon the world will be able to experience our amazing, completely portable, Nuclius? entertainment device with Nuclius Home? 1080p High Definition Internet Television service (HD IPTV). Triniti Communications will revolutionize TV and how you use one on a global scale. Nuclius is the world's first multi-function, portable, Internet based set-top box (STB) that delivers cable/satellite grade HDTV service and several other valuable services to the end user. We are not just talking about Internet TV channels, we are talking the major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, History, HGTV, CNN, HGTV, HBO, Showtime and hundreds more. We are a true and viable alternative to cable and satellite service with much more value than any of our competition. Aside from the TV component, Nuclius is a device unlike any other on planet earth. Here is a list of some of what Nuclius will provide:

Aside from the TV component, Nuclius is a device unlike any other on planet earth. Here is a list of some of what Nuclius will provide:
Hundreds of Standard and Premium HD Channels!
Thousands of Internet Television Channels!
Powerful Programming Guide With DVR!
Completely PORTABLE HDTV Service!
Extra Large Internal Hard Drive For Storage!
Blu-Ray and DVD Playback!
Lectron Expansion: One Nuclius Box ...Multiple TVs!
View Live TV And DVR Content On Your Mobile!
Record Programs WITHOUT Commercials!
Integrated Premium VoIP Phone Service!
2 Incredible Flavors To Suit Your Tastes!
3 Packed Programming Package Options!
Powerful VoIP Video Conferencing!
Multiple Format Data Card Reader!
Divine Fortress Integrated Home Security!
FacePoint Premises Access Control!
Browse The Web On Your TV!
Access The Media On Your PC/Laptop!
Rent Your Movies Through Nuclius!
High Definition Video Gaming Platform
Premium Music & Pay Per View!
HVAC and Lighting Automation!
Spirit Mobile Phone Service with Spirit World? Service
We also have our own no-nonsense, truly unlimited, international Mobile Phone division coming out soon called Spirit Mobile?. Through premier Tier-1 relationships, our own proprietary mobile phone service platform will operate on the most advanced and largest nationwide and international GSM and CDMA mobile phone networks in the world. Our network also houses the best, fastest and largest 3G (soon 4G) wireless broadband network in the world so you can enjoy premium high-speed Internet right through your compatible phone, smartphone and/or laptop Air Card.

In addition, we will also be unveiling our new, revolutionary and exclusive MoIP (Mobile Over Internet Protocol) international calling service called Spirit World? that will allow you to make free and Unlimited international phone calls from your Spirit Mobile phone 24x7x365 to 50+ countries. Spirit World is the perfect companion solution for people who need to call internationally while away from home or the office using their mobile phones without the worry of per minute or per call charges. Here is some of what you can expect from Spirit Mobile:
NO Credit Checks!
NO Contracts!
NO Activation Fees!
NO Roaming Charges!
NO Cancellation Fees!
NO Deposits!
UNLIMITED Calling Anywhere In The USA, Canada & Puerto Rico!
UNLIMITED Calling To 50+ Countries Worldwide with Spirit World?!
UNLIMITED Text Messaging & Mobile-to-Mobile!
UNLIMITED High-Speed Data!
UNLIMITED ACCESS To Nuclius Live TV & DVR Content From Your Phone!
FREE Voicemail, Call Waiting, 3-Way and Call Forwarding!
The Best and Most Popular Wireless Phones, PDA's and Smartphones In The Industry!


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