The Amazon Herb Co.

The Amazon Herb Co.'s mission and vision is to bring life-changing herbal remedies to us while protecting the Amazon Rainforest. They were named 'the answer' to saving the rainforest by the Cousteau Society in 2008 because of their sustainable business practices which can keep the land alive forever. They now have a line of 34 pure rainforest botanical products which include a full herbal supplement line for every health concern, skin care pure enough to eat, chocolate, a juice beverage, and more. All products are wild and organic with absolutely no preservatives or additives - just the full health-benefits the way nature intended.

The company started 19 years ago, and during the first ten years only physicians could distribute product (which shows the purity and efficacy). For the last nine years, the Amazon Herb Co. has been a sleeping giant, and they are just now forming into a growing behemoth in the network marketing industry. They have been named the 'next legacy company' by a veteran in the industry. It is so simple to join the Amazon Herb Company while enjoying the great benefits of the products and rewarding attributes of the business.

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