Team Vision International

by Shannon Ming
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Best  Network marketing Internet Based Business

Best Network marketing Internet Based Business

Hello There! I want to nominate Team Vision International within the newly launched Trump Network because we are the fastest growing team within the organization.

Why Team Vision International?

We are the Network Marketing Team for Grown Ups,
utilizing the power of the internet, taught by top internet marketing gurus in attraction marketing, no chasing friends and family, and growing at a rate 7 times faster than any other team.

Why Trump Network?

1. Timing - Largest number of talented people down-sized, laid off, under and unemployed, retirements shrunk or gone, looking for an alternative to corporate life to control their time and money.
Timing for company- We are ground floor and in vertical growth.

2. Branding- Donald Trump. Trust and recognition in the name worldwide.

3. Products- largest consumable market on the planet in the anti-aging, baby boomer health and wellness products. We are slated to add one product per month, all top of the line products. Flagship product is from a 13 year old company called Ideal Health that formed the basis for the Trump Network. It is called the Priva Test and delivers custom, medical grade nutrition that is individually formulated to the person at the cellular level.

4. Best Compensation in the industry. No breakage in commissions, compression, and infinity bonuses on sales volume. 2.6 % of entire company SALES, to diamond level. Enrollment bonuses from the get go, car program pays $700 per month, We PAY to train the trainer!

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