Southern Living At Home Consultants

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I encourage you to contact one of these leading Consultants, who have taken the time to provide you with detailed information about their business and themselves:

Angie Smith, USA

Here is information about becoming a Southern Living at Home Consultant from the company's web site,

Discover a new you and enjoy the luxury of working at home with your part-time business and full-time income. For $199 + tax you can become an Independent Consultant for Southern Living At HOME. Being a Consultant has many benefits.

You Receive:

* Nearly $500 in products and business supplies
Our Starter Kit includes an array of products you can use for demonstration at your parties.

* 25% commission on your sales
You earn 25% of your total sales at each Party.

* Business-Building materials
The Starter Kit includes your Consultant Handbook on CD and all the materials necessary to begin your business. From tips on getting your business off the ground to instructions on entering an order, you’ll have all the details right at your fingertips.

* 5% business supply credits
We’ll automatically credit you with 5% of your sales to help you purchase business supplies such as catalogs and order forms.

* FREE Hostess Rewards program
You won’t have to worry about rewarding Hostesses out of your pocket. Our rewards program is free for you.

* No inventory!
We ship directly to the Hostess, eliminating your need to stock inventory.

* FREE online order entry
We won’t charge you an extra fee to enter your orders online. Our Consultant’s Workstation is free for you!

* FREE credit card transactions
We’ll manage all your credit card orders for free. You don’t have to worry about credit card or processing fees.

Contact us to find out how you can BOOST your income!

Southern Living at Home Consultants will help you launch an exciting and rewarding home business!
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