Most Popular MLM Companies

Based on Google Search Statistics

This page features graphs and rank ordering of the Top 25 Most Popular MLM Companies, based on how many people around the world searched Google for information about the company.

I got the idea for this ranking method after Kim Klaver recently published of the most popular MLM companies based on Alexa rankings. Ms. Klaver, one of my favorite trainers and leaders in the network marketing industry, openly acknowledges that her "Top 50 Network Marketing Companies" list is not the last word on which companies are the best. Rather, she notes that her list is simply one source of information one can use to gauge the popularity of various MLM companies.

Alexa ratings are based on the number of times Alexa toolbar users visit a web site. There are of course some limitations to the statistics compiled by Alexa, as described on the Alexa web site. One of those limitations is the fact that Alexa Toolbar users constitute a small percentage of the population and they might not accurately represent the individuals surfing the web for information about mlm companies. (See Note 1 for more details on this point.)

As I thought about the fact that Alexa Toolbar users might not constitute a representative sample of Internet users, I wondered if their was another way to measure interest in a company. There is: Google Trends. This service from Google Labs, allows you to compare the number of searches for various keywords across time and against each other. Although the service does not reveal the raw number of searches, that information is less important if your goal is to determine the relative number of searches for various MLM companies.

There are, of course, limitations to Google Trends as well, most notably the fact that it is a "beta" version tool, meaning it is still in the testing stage of development. Google includes the following statement at the bottom of any Google Trends results page:

Google Trends aims to provide insights into broad search patterns. As a Google Labs product, it is still in the early stages of development. Also, it is based upon just a portion of our searches, and several approximations are used when computing your results. Please keep this in mind when using it.

With those caveats in mind, below is a rank ordered list of the Top 25 Companies, followed by graphs showing the relative popularity of the top 25 network marketing companies, based on Google searches world-wide. The graphs are divided into groups of five because Google Trends allows you to compare up to five search terms at one time.


Don't miss this: If you want a link to your website for one of these companies to appear in this list, contact me. If you provide a quality link to one of my websites, I will link to your site. Of course, you have to be a distributor for one of these Top 25 companies for this to work for you. ~ Mark Worthen

Top 25 Most Popular Network Marketing Companies

  1. Amway
  2. Herbalife
  3. Mary Kay
  4. Pampered Chef
  5. Monavie
  6. Arbonne
  7. Partylite
  8. USANA
  9. Melaleuca
  10. Forever Living
  11. Stampin Up
  12. Creative Memories
  13. Xango
  14. Quixtar
  15. Longaberger
  16. Isagenix
  17. Amsoil
  18. Tastefully Simple
  19. Nuskin
  20. Nikken
  21. YTB Travel
  22. Shaklee
  23. Young Living
  24. Prepaid Legal
  25. Mia Bella Candles


The letters in squares above the graphs refer to news stories about the companies. Occasionally a news story will coincide with a spike in search engine activity.

Remember that these graphs show the relative popularity of each set of five companies. Google assigns a score of "1.0" to the top company in each set of five and then each company underneath receives a proportional score relative to the first company listed.

Except for the last chart--which compares the first, second, thirteenth, twenty-fourth, and twenty-fifth companies--you should not compare numbers between the different graphs. See Google Trends for more details on how the program works.

Most Popular MLM Companies #1-5

3.mary kay 
4.pampered chef 

Most Popular MLM Companies 1-5 Graph

Google Trends graph for the Top 5 Most Popular MLM Companies based on Google searches world-wide. Note: Avon and Tupperware would be in the Top 5 if I chose to include them but neither company is included in this ranking because they are not true multi-level marketing opportunities. Although they do have independent consultants (distributors), Avon and Tupperware undermine those distributors by marketing their products directly to consumers via the Internet. True MLM companies sell their products through their distributors only.

Most Popular MLM Companies #6-10

10.forever living 

Most Popular MLM Companies 6-10 Graph

Most Popular MLM Companies #11-15

11.stampin up 
12.creative memories 

Most Popular MLM Companies 11-15 Graph

Most Popular MLM Companies #16-20

18.tastefully simple 

Most Popular MLM Companies 16-20 Graph

Most Popular MLM Companies #21-25

23.young living 
24.prepaid legal 
25.mia bella 

Most Popular MLM Companies 21-25 Graph

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Graphical Difference Between #1 and #25

To get a sense of the difference between the top companies and those (still very popular) companies down the list, here is a chart of the top two companies compared to one in the middle (#13) and those that are 24th and 25th on the list:

24.prepaid legal 
25.mia bella 

Most Popular MLM Companies Comparison Graph

Notes: (1) I state above that Alexa Toolbar users might not accurately represent the web surfing habits of the population as a whole. Alexa explicitly acknowledges this limitation when they state:

"In addition to the biases above, the Alexa user base is only a sample of the Internet population, and sites with relatively low traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa due to the statistical limitations of the sample. Alexa's data come from a large sample of several million Alexa Toolbar users; however, this is not large enough to accurately determine the rankings of sites with fewer than roughly 1,000 total monthly visitors. Generally, Traffic Rankings of 100,000+ should be regarded as not reliable because the amount of data we receive is not statistically significant. Conversely, the more traffic a site receives (the closer it gets to the number 1 position), the more reliable its Traffic Ranking becomes." (emphasis added).  Source:

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