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Warren Buffet, in his Forward to The Pampered Chef by Doris Christopher, states,

Pampered Chef is truly loved by its customers because it has found a need and filled it exceptionally well, helping everyday home cooks become masters of their own kitchens; making mealtime preparation quick, easy, and fun.

It also offers its consultants an incomparable business opportunity, allowing men and women to build a home-based business of their own, based on Doris Christopher’s personal blueprint for success. When you read the profiles of The Pampered Chef Consultants in Chapter 8, you may wonder what you’re doing in your nine-to-five cubicle while these folks are happily cooking their way to fame and fortune.

Information about Pampered Chef from the corporate web site (

As the premier direct seller of essential kitchen tools, The Pampered Chef® has been helping families prepare quick, delicious meals since 1980.

We believe that multipurpose tools are the cornerstone of an efficient kitchen. Our products are designed to be used in more than one way, so kitchens are no longer cluttered with rarely used utensils.

Direct Selling Association - As a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), The Pampered Chef supports the Association’s “Code of Ethics,” a promise to uphold the highest standards of business practices.

Our Vision At The Pampered Chef, we have a vision that someday families all around the world will know the joy and rewards of gathering together in the tradition of family mealtimes. To help make this vision a reality, we specialize in high-quality tools that make cooking quick, easy and fun.

At the Heart of the Matter: A Spirit of Entrepreneurism Dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, The Pampered Chef has a reputation for providing solutions to those who want a healthy balance between career and family.

Our products are available exclusively through our sales force of independent Pampered Chef Consultants. These highly trained professionals bring our products to life at in-home Cooking Shows, where guests learn time-saving cooking techniques and sample great-tasting, easy-to-prepare recipes — all in a relaxed atmosphere with good friends, plenty of laughter and lots of fun!

Our Consultants have also established a strong Pampered Chef presence at bridal expos throughout the years, and with The Pampered Chef® Wedding Registry, Pampered Chef Gift Certificates, and the spring 2004 launch of personal Web sites, many began incorporating the advantages of e-commerce into their businesses. Now, customers are purchasing Pampered Chef products as gifts with just the click of a mouse button — 24 hours a day, seven days a week — and Pampered Chef Consultants are watching their sales territories expand across the globe.

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