MXI Corp --Xocai The Healthy Chocolate

by Lorraine Gambacourt
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

Healthy Chocolate--Healthy Energy

Healthy Chocolate--Healthy Energy

MXI Corp stands for Marketing Xocolate International( Chocolate with an "X" is the way the Aztecs and Mayans spelled it)

Company launched in Canada just over three years ago.. In the US since June/05
I am nominating this company as I have see the consistent growth, now reaching to 17 countries world-wide, and the ripple event of this product and business had affected lives in a most significant way.
Chocolate is a hot comodity, and one of the most universally loved, and consumed foods on the planet! 9 out of 10 love and crave chocolate and 50% are addicted to it. MXI holds the world-wide exclusive rights to a patented coldpress technology that makes their coldpressed chocolate the healthiest on the plant. Dark chocolate is backed by science, and here in Canada three of the solid chocolate products are in the final stages of certification for a Natural Health Product number and have been approved by our government agency to make five health claims surrounding cardiovascular benefits.
The world needs to know about Xoçai as it is changing lives with respect to improved health,quality of live, and offers a solution to provide financial peace of mind.
The majority of the distributors in MXI have never done Networkmarketing before, yet are earning consistent paychecks. For many, an extra $300.00 to $500.00 can make all the difference for their family, and can prevent 80% of bankruptcies. Chocolate is so easy to share--you simply teach people to replace the bad with the good.
This excellent article explains about the health benefits of Dark chocolate..the difference between regular chocolate and Xoçai, is that Xoçai is loaded with free-radical fighting antioxidants

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