Magnetic Sponsoring - FREE 7-Day "Video Boot Camp" -Learn how to attract people to your MLM business.  Professional Inviter - Learn what to say to prospects so that the good ones sign up with you. 
Solo Build It.Biz - Learn how to build a website that makes money. The best e-business system anywhere. Brilliant Compensation -The video clip that handles the "MLM objection" for you. 
Send Out Cards - An essential tool for relationship marketing. Stay in touch with your prospects, customers, and clients.  RoboForm - Stores all your log in information--just click the button and it enters everything for you.

Above are the MLM tools that have most helped me to succeed as a network marketer. The majority of them pertain to learning how to leverage the reach and power of Internet marketing to help build your network marketing business.

I have used Internet marketing to become one of the Top 25 distributors in the world for customer acquisition in one of the companies I represent for 3 years in a row. I don't say that to brag but, rather, to emphasize that Internet marketing does work with a network marketing business.

Of course, as great as Internet marketing is, it won't mean squat if you don't talk directly with your prospects, usually via telephone, although the initial contacts might be via email and/or instant messenger.

Either way, it's crucial that you learn how to communicate effectively with your prospects. That's why I include Professional Inviter on this list. It's the best training program I've purchased for learning how to effectively invite your prospect to join your business.

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