MLM Distributor Directory

Why should you consult the MLM Distributor Directory to find a potential sponsor and company?

Here are some reasons why you should use this directory of network marketing distributors to find the best MLM opportunity for you, as well as the best sponsor for that opportunity:

Reason #1 Distributors who take the time to write a thoughtful, balanced response to the questions on the Listing Form are more likely to possess the attributes you want in sponsor such as perseverance, intelligence, good communication skills, ability to follow directions, sound business ethics, and common sense.

Reason #2 You can learn a lot about a company by what their representatives say and don't say. If there is a lot of hype and hoopla and barely a mention of the challenges or limitations of the opportunity, look elsewhere. On the other hand, if distributors present a balanced, thorough description of their company, investigate further.

I won't allow submissions that claim their company is "perfect." Consequently, there won't be a huge difference between different distributor's listings.

Therefore, you should read the distributor entries carefully to pick up on signs of a representative and company with integrity versus slick, "take the money and run" types--hopefully a rarity on these pages!

Most importantly, you should actually talk with a few distributors to find the company and potential sponsor with whom you think you can best achieve success.

Reason #3 All the companies listed on have been in business for at least five (5) years. Their chances of going out of business are much less than a new company promising a "ground floor opportunity."

That's not to say some new companies aren't worth it--just be sure you don't invest money and time that you cannot afford to lose.

Reason #4 The listings here have been reviewed by a real live human being (Dr. Worthen). I have weeded out the over-hyped, incomplete, and poorly written submissions so that you only see the reasonable or better submissions.

I will help distributors by proofreading and suggesting modifications to their submissions for the purposes of clarity and consistency but I don't write the copy for them.

Without further ado, here is the MLM Distributor Directory listed by Company:

Mannatech Distributors

Market America Distributors

Life Force International Distributors

Lexxus International Distributors

Isagenix Distributors

Free Life Distributors

Eniva Distributors

Discovery Toys Distributors

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