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MLM advertising is available on this website. You can use the payment buttons below for advertising on the home page (see below for details) OR for advertising on the New MLM page (see details below).

Home Page Advertising

If you represent one of the companies on the Best MLM Opportunities List and if no one else has purchased it, you can advertise on the List by purchasing the link to your company site.

For example, a USANA Health Sciences Associate purchased the USANA link on the home page. If you click on the USANA link, you'll see that it goes to, which is that Associate's website address (URL).

Advertising on the New MLM Page

If you represent a new MLM company, you can advertise on the New MLM page for the same prices as below. Use the payment buttons below and be sure to include your URL (website address) in the space provided. I will design an ad based on the information on your website (including copying images).

Or, if you wish, you can prepare an ad and Contact me with the details. Please see the New MLM page to see how ads are formatted.

Site Statistics

You can view site statistics, e.g., number of unique visitors, average time on site, etc. by clicking here.

Available Home Page Ad Links

Links for the following Best MLM Opportunities List companies are currently available for MLM advertising purchase at either $12.95 per month (recurring payment) or a lifetime link for $99.75 (one-time payment):

Usborne Books at Home
Tastefully Simple
Southern Living at Home
Passion Parties
Pampered Chef
NHT Global
Market America
Life Force International

The clicks-per-month average is 20 for company links on the home page. The exact number will vary depending on the popularity of your company. If you purchase the monthly payment plan, that works out to approximately $0.65 per click, which is significantly less than you'd pay if you advertise on Google Adwords.

I highly recommend that you track clicks on your link if at all possible. I've recently tried a free third-party tracking service, Clixtrac, which has worked well in preliminary tests so you might want to give them a try if you don't already have a way to track clicks on your MLM advertising links.

Note that if you purchase a link on the home page, I will also give you a Distributor Directory listing for free. Such a listing is optional, although since it's free, I recommend doing it. ;) Submit your information for a Distributor Directory listing on this page (note that if you purchase a home page link, you do not need to pay the $25 fee mentioned on that page).

If the home page listing for your company is already taken or if you simply want a listing on your company's Distributor Directory page (without a home page link), please see this page.

MLM Advertising at $12.95 per Month

These buttons are for either a home page link OR an ad on the New MLM page

Purchase a link for $12.95 per month (recurring payment charged to your credit or debit card). Please type in your website address (URL) in the space provided. I'll know from your URL which company you represent.

==> You can use these payment buttons for either a home page listing or a new MLM company listing.

After your purchase, feel free to contact me (Dr. Mark Worthen) to confirm your purchase. Alternatively, you can simply wait 24 hours and check the Best MLM Opportunities List to see if your link is in place (be sure to refresh your browser first). Or, if you are advertising a new MLM company, you can check the New MLM page.

$12.95 Recurring Payment

MLM Advertising for a One-Time $99.75 Payment

Or purchase a lifetime link for a one-time payment of $99.75. A "lifetime link" means that your link will remain in place forever as long as it is a functional link. (If for some reason, you need to change your link, just contact me and I'll change it at no charge). has been in existence since 2003 and I plan to keep it going indefinitely! :)

Lifetime Link - $99.75

MLM Advertising on other Pages of this Website

Note that I can also place ads on other pages of this site, e.g., the Popular MLM Companies page. If you would like to post such an ad, please contact me.

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