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Market America Distributors

Ronald Edwards, Clearwater, Florida - "The Company makes no products itself, they track marketing data from the web to find what people want, then source it out, making sure the quality is high and the value is there . . . there is very little selling."

Information about Market America from the company's web site:

Do you realize that most people work their entire adult lives just to end up broke?

Most people spend 45 years of their life working to achieve financial security or to retire comfortably. Yet, after 45 years, only 5 percent of those will be financially successful while 95% are still working, dead, or just barely beyond broke.What is more amazing is that few people ever stop and take the time to ask why.

Ninety-five percent of the people in this country work 45 years of their lives making the other 5% financially independent. Why? Because they are working a plan for someone else's financial success, rather than their own.

A program is available that allows you to work for yourself rather than someone else. And it's not too late. It's called the UnFranchise® Business Development Plan. A plan built to achieve ongoing income in 2 to 3 years, on a part-time or full-time basis.

It requires charts, diagrams and graphs to fully explain the system, but in simplest terms, it's a distribution business supplying market-driven products and services to end consumers who are looking for you to help them get what they want and need.

In addition, the UnFranchise® Business Development Plan allows you to manage a team of Customer Managers that generate for you ongoing commissions and bonuses. The Plan has changed our lives... and it can change yours.

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