Mannatech Distributor Adam Thompson

Name & Location

Adam Thompson, Virginia, USA
Phone Numbers

Home Phone: 540-875-9875
Business Phone: 877-216-2662
Cell/Mobile Phone: 540 875 9875

Business Opportunity Web Site
Product Sales Web Site
Do you emphasize sales of your Products or Services or do you emphasize recruiting new distributors?

About Equal
What is you Primary Marketing Approach? From a list of 3 choices: 1) Traditional, face-to-face Network marketing; 2) Internet Marketing; or 3) Party Plan.

Traditional: Local, Face-To-Face & Presentations, Internet Marketing
What are the Advantages of your Business Opportunity?

Mannatech offers scientifically proven products, a lucrative pay plan, & a solid company.  When you join our team, we will train you so you will be successful!

What three (3) changes would you recommend to the management of your company to make it an even better opportunity?

1--Talk more about the network marketing model. 2--Emphasize sales skills more. 3--Simplify website (which they are doing)

What kind of training and support do you, your upline, or your company provide?

Support & Training Provided? : Absolutely!  I will personally work with you & train you to reach the success you want!


Personal Information

I'm a young businessman, so if I can do this, I KNOW you can!
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