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Giorgio Coccolini, Reggio Emilia, Italy - "I support my downline every day."

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Note: Any of the distributors listed on this web page can help you enroll as a distributor, whether they live in your country or not.

Here is general information about this truly international opportunity from the corporate web site:


If direct selling history is any indication of future success, then consider this….there are only eight other companies in the industry doing business in 30 or more countries; all are doing over $500 million, most in excess of $1 billion; and each have been in business an average of 35 years.

In our first 30 months in business, Lexxus International opened 11 offices around the world and began distribution in 30 countries. In our first year, we reached $20 million in sales. In our second year, we recorded just under $40 million in sales. In our third year, we achieved $60 million; and in 2004, our first quarter sales were over $38 million, of which we paid out over $20 million in commissions to our distributors. Lexxus International is not a start-up venture and before you know it we’ll be entering our fifth year in business.

Lexxus International is the largest subsidiary, accounting for 97% of revenues, of a 13-year-old public company, Natural Health Trends Corp. (trading symbol: NHLC); which was recently recognized as the fastest growing, publicly traded company in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Lexxus is one of the fastest growing, direct selling companies in the world, because the products work, the business model is simple, proven, and duplicatable, and people are looking for a business on which to build a stable future in an unstable world.

How did we determine our target market and the product line?

One rule of success is - predict what the masses need and want, and position yourself in front of that trend. That's exactly what we do at Lexxus International. How?

The Lexxus International business opportunity - Here’s a statistic from CBS Market Watch that should concern you. In today’s world, no one is guaranteed a secure retirement. Of the 77 million people in the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation who are planning to retire in the next 10 to 15 years, only 25% are adequately preparing to retire with financial comfort. The remaining 75% are hurling toward unexpected financial difficulties, including having to go back to work.

The Lexxus International product line - The largest segment of our population is the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation. Why? First – the Baby Boomer generation is in midlife…they want to look and feel younger, have more energy, and live life to it’s fullest. Secondly, they are the largest consumer spending group because the have the largest average discretionary income. Thus, we develop products that help you look younger and feel great, and the same people who want those products have the money to spend on them!

Fortunes are being created and you have a window of opportunity to create your own, if you act now.

Here in the United States, we have 270 million people, 140 million working adults and more than 45 million people working from home and yet, we only have 5,000 active distributors. Relatively speaking, only a handful of Americans have ever heard about Lexxus International and our incredible products. With our focus on North American growth, that is changing everyday! And, the United States is the hub of the wheel for Lexxus International. ALL other markets begin as a result of the U.S. If you want a global income, earning money 24 hours a day, then you need to build an independent business with a company, like Lexxus International, that is generating global sales right now.

Take a moment to consider the possibilities that lie ahead of Lexxus International. Think about the size of China with 1.2 billion people, Russia with 1 billion, Western Europe with 400 million, and South America, our current expansion project, with 1.5 billion people. All of these markets lack solid home-based business opportunities. With only a few options to consider in those countries, Lexxus International is positioned to be a giant.

The book Wave 3, the New Era in Network Marketing, written by Richard Poe, the former editor of Success Magazine, charts the growth curve of a network marketing company, and says, "The phase of the most rapid growth is the momentum phase, where the company exceeds 100 million in sales. This is the moment when exponential growth kicks in, when fortunes can be made overnight by those lucky few who got into the company just before it went into momentum."

Guess where Lexxus International is are right now…FORMULATION! Before Momentum! We are at the ground floor of being the next GIANT in the Network Marketing Industry! NOW is the time for you to TAKE ACTION!

Lexxus International is at an unparalleled time in its history. Extraordinary growth and profits, a solid long-term game plan and global operations are the basis of building and sustain leadership. Tomorrow’s bonus checks begin with today’s action…so take action and join us on our pursuit to becoming a billion dollar enterprise.

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