How To Start Internet Business

Here are some answers to the question about how to start Internet business. The order of the listing is arbitrary. For example, although it's listed first, Online Marketing System with Product Line is not necessarily the best option. The best option depends largely on your interests.

of these home-based online business opportunities require patience, persistence, and commitment. There is no such thing as an easy way to earn an income online--if there were, everyone would be doing it!

OPTION #1: Online Marketing System with Product Line

There are a few companies that have developed web-based Internet marketing systems and that have a product they either sell or recommend. The  programming required to build an Internet marketing system is extensive and requires not only technical skill but also an understanding of online marketing principles.

Trying to build a system yourself or hiring a programmer is a very challenging, although it can be done if you either have the knowledge already or you're willing to search carefully and find a great programmer. Obviously, you need to have a lot of money too. Building a high-quality Internet marketing platform costs tens of thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, it's one way to answer the question about how to start Internet business.

The high cost is one of the reasons a few companies have built comprehensive Internet marketing systems. They know the cost is too much for most people so they build the system and then rent it out to customers.

If you can find a company with a sophisticated Internet marketing platform and which either has a product of their own you can sell and/or you can use the system to sell other products and if they also provide you with an education in online marketing, you've found a stellar combination.


  • You don't have to know much ahead of time since the program provides you with the three essentials needed to start an Internet business:

    a) A well-designed Internet marketing platform (web-based system);

    b) Products or services to sell; and

    c) Online marketing education and training.

  • Some of these programs are aligned with direct sales companies, which pay two-level commissions (you earn commissions for your direct sales and for those of your team members) at up to ten thousand dollars per sale.


  • This won't be a disadvantage for everyone but for folks who have limited funds, an Online Marketing System with Product Line could be a stretch. It generally costs up to $200 per month to use the full program (online marketing platform + Internet marketing training). Remember it costs tens of thousands to build an effective online marketing platform, so the cost is understandable, it just might be too much for some people on a very limited budget.

  • If you don't like the product or service the company recommends, you'll need to find your own product or service to sell. That's not the end of the world but it's one more thing to do.


  • People who want a "turn-key" system that answers the question, how to start Internet business, and that doesn't require as much up-front time investment. Like any business, you generally trade money for time (and time for money), so if you have $500 or more to invest and you want to save time, an Online Marketing System with Product Line is probably your best choice.


  • The only Online Marketing System with Product Line company we recommend at this point is this one. If we find other programs that meet the above requirements, we will add them.

OPTION #2: Affiliate Marketing

Largely started by, which created an affiliate program early in its existence, affiliate marketing is one option to consider that answers the question, how to start Internet business.

For example, with, if you create a blog and post an ad for a book and link it to Amazon's website, you can earn a commission for that recommendation.

There are thousands of different affiliate programs available online.


  • You don't have to stock your own products.

  • You don't have to collect money from customers (which means, for example, that you don't need to have an account to be able to accept credit cards.

  • You can earn commissions up to 50% of the price of the product or service.


  • Some areas, such as electronics, games, dating sites, books, and others are very competitive and difficult to crack.

  • Some affiliate programs pay very low percentages which means you have to drive a lot of sales (Amazon pays only about 4%).

  • In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires you to tell potential purchasers that you will receive a commission if they purchase a product from your site. This blog post has some good advice about how to comply with the new law. This law is listed as a disadvantage because, even if you only recommend high-quality products that you have tested, some people will nonetheless be suspicious if you receive an affiliate commission for the referral.


  • Individuals with extensive knowledge about--and a passion for--a particular service or product, particularly if that service is not already inundated with other affiliate marketers.

    It helps if you like to write because you'll need to write product reviews and other sources of information on sites or blogs to attract potential customers.

    If you fit those descriptions, affiliate marketing can be a great way to answer the question, how to start Internet business.


  • Affiliate Masters Course (Free) - If you read it carefully, you will learn a ton and be better prepared than 90% of affiliate marketers out there.

OPTION #3 Take an Existing Business Online

This option won't apply to most people reading this website but we'd be remiss not to include it because some folks already have a business that might benefit from developing an Internet marketing campaign. So, in a sense, if you take an existing business that you've only used off-line advertising to promote, you'll be answering the question, how to start Internet business.

Examples include someone who makes unique crafts and sells them via word-of-mouth, church sales, etc. Such a person could explode their sales by building a website optimized for the search engines and employing some Internet marketing strategies. It's a great way solve the dilemma of how to start Internet business.

Many service providers, e.g., counselors, massage therapists, plumbers, artists, etc. have not yet entered the Internet age and could make much more money with an optimized website and an Internet marketing campaign.


  • You can make more money! 


  • You need to already have an existing business.


  • Obviously, for people who already have a business (sorry to be redundant).


  • The best resource for taking an existing business online is Solo Build It for Business (www.Solo Build It.Biz). Their program not only helps you make a very nice website, it also includes built-in tools to optimize your site for the search engines and extensive online marketing training.

    The big mistake business owners make is not understanding how crucial search engine optimization is. They build a pretty website using a budget website builder and then wonder why the don't attract new customers. (It's because no one finds their site when they do a Google search). That's not how to start Internet business!

    A program like Solo Build It for Business goes a long way to answer the question, how to start Internet business.

  • Service Sellers Masters Course - A free online book for people in service businesses who want to take their advertising or promotion to the Internet. It's another way to learn how to start Internet business.

OPTION #4 Online Network Marketing Business

Although most network marketing companies still emphasize person-to-person marketing, some of them allow you to do some Internet marketing online. A network marketing company can be a great way to answer the question, how to start Internet business, with low overhead and without having to develop your own product.


  • You will already have a product or service to sell. If you join an established company (minimum three years old), they generally have good products and an efficient order fulfillment system.

  • You'll receive extensive training and support from the company and your sponsor and team.

  • A few people make a lot of money with network marketing in a relatively short period of time (like in a couple of years, not overnight!).


  • Some network marketing companies have not yet embraced the Internet age and will discourage you if you want to start an Internet business via their company. Ask your potential sponsor about opportunities to market on the Internet; read the company's Policies & Procedures; and review their websites to see if they come across as sophisticated when it comes online marketing..

  • Despite it's tremendous success as a distribution method and free enterprise opportunity, network marketing still has a bad name among some people, so you might receive negative comments from friends or family. You need to be able to deal with that possibility if you want to answer the question how to start Internet business with network marketing.


  • People who will probably like a combination of person-to-person marketing and Internet marketing.


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