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The Controversial Coffee House Letter ...

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"A Lucrative Alternative To The
Tiny Checks And Dead Downlines
Of MLM Gains Popularity..."

Controversial, Yet Filled With Common Sense,

The Following "Coffee House" Letter Reveals Why
Home Business Professionals Are Throwing In The

Towel On Downline Building, And Using A New Concept Called G.P.T. To Make More Money Than Ever…

"Work at Home" entrepreneurs are faced with an alarming uphill battle against cut-throat competition, rising advertising costs, and an average customer/distributor retention rate that's dropped down to an average of less than 3 months.

Building a full-time income, or even a residual income through the networking marketing business model in the internet age is like trying to fill a leaking bucket - with 90% of distributors spending much more money than they'll ever make.

Tired of dealing with downline attrition and tiny commission checks, more and more home business owners are turning away from the traditional "MLM" business model, in favor of the increasingly popular G.P.T. structure outlined in the following letter some call controversial, while others call it simply "genius".

Only you can judge for yourself.

The following "Coffee House Letter" reveals...

  • How to use the concept of GPT to make up to $480,000 per year with 1 new customer per week.
  • Why residual income through network marketing may not be the "Holy Grail" so many claim that it to be. Find out how to create a REAL residual income that's completely

    unaffected by downline attrition and competition.

  • What to do if you're looking to make BIG money, fast without a downline. (This is perfect for anyone looking to leave their job and replace their income quickly).
  • How to position yourself in order to take advantage of this growing trend among home business professionals.

Okay! I'm convinced--Take me to the form to request the Coffee House Letter!

What Top Income Earners From Around The World Have To Say About The Coffee House Letter...

"I joined the network marketing industry in 1998 and after a lot of trial and error, eventually went full-time and built a $100K+ per year income... the only problem was I was spending 8 - 10 hours a day on the phone prospecting, doing 3-way calls and training my organization.

After 6 years of having to deal with adult children, monthly volume quotas and slaving for my commission checks, I was completely burned out!

When I was first introduced to the G.P.T. concept through the Coffee House Letter, it just made sense. I already knew what it was like to slave away for peanuts and I was open enough to look at my options, just like you're doing right now.

I decided to join my first Top Tier program and with a very part-time effort and using a highly automated system, I made over $180K my first 90 days in the business and never looked back.

Bottom line? EVERYONE needs to read the Coffee House Letter. "

- Brad Weinman

"I am SHOCKED and excited! The frankness of the CHL [Coffee House Letter] woke me up to a reality that will quadruple my income in the next 6 months."

- Galen Kauffman

I Want The Coffee House Letter NOW!

"The Coffee House Letter is EXACTLY what this industry is so desperately in need of.

Every sentence is as eye-opening as the last with haunting "truths" that may send chills down your spine.

When I was first introduced to the CHL [Coffee House Letter] I was just like the majority of those in networking, ignorantly trusting that my MLM company was going to lead me to the promised land. Back then I didn't know any better. I was absolutely blind to the fact that the industry was making a dramatic change.

And this "change" wasn't just some stupid hyped-up crap that someone made-up just to pitch me on a B.S. ground floor opportunity. I urge you to read every sentence on the following page until it all makes complete sense, and I guarantee that when the bold words in this "Coffee House Letter" become clear to you, so will a future of wealth and abundance in this industry."

- Brady Paulson

"The Coffee House Letter really opened my eyes. But more importantly, it provided a solution. I am convinced that any MLMer who reads this letter will relate to it and find a better way to create the lifestyle they have been dreaming of, without the worry of attrition and small checks for massive effort."

- Wally Carmichael

"The concept of G.P.T. explained in the coffee house letter is nothing like I have ever heard before. "I get paid before the company does?" Get out of here! G.P.T. takes the battle out of the tiny checks and disappearing downline that I have seen so many times in the past.

I have complete control over my business without having to worry about what my downline is doing, and profiting much more from it.

I wish I would have known about this 4 years ago, when I was still battling to train my downline to produce."

- Justin Christianson

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