Best MLM Leads

This page lists strategies and resources for generating the best mlm leads via the Internet.

#1 Recommendation

Our first recommendation - Two products from network marketing guru Mike Dillard. These courses provide a superb education that give you solutions to the most vexing lead generation challenges faced by network marketers.

1) Magnetic Sponsoring - Often referred to as the "Attraction Marketing Bible", this book has propelled thousands of network marketers to high-profit success. If you have seen all the "ATM groups" and dozens of people who have rebranded the original content. Get it here first. It's affordable and your BEST first step to start getting results in your business quickly. 

#2 Recommendation


The word system broken down actually means. 
Energy &

It's Essential for you to have something that will help you LEVERAGE your time 
Instead of chasing people, spending hours of time on your MLM with zero results at the end of it.  you should be utilizing a set of tools that will help you get results on YOUR time. 

The highest quality, done for you,  most affordable system we have found is 

It also includes an affiliate system so that when you share this with your team
you can increase your income and your influence! Choose the Premier option so that when you build out a page you can share it with your team! 
This also comes with done-for-you videos and more! 

#3 Recommendation

Free Advertising

3a) If you contribute information about your company to the MLM Companies Wiki, you may include up to three (3) links to your website(s).

Details and complete instructions are on the MLM Companies Wiki home page (which includes an explanation of what the heck a "wiki" is). Contributing to the MLM Companies Wiki is a great way to generate some of the best mlm leads for your business.

3b) In addition, you can nominate your company or comment on your company on this website ( You can include images and a link in your post. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so you get the most out of your contribution.

#4 Recommendation

Purchased Leads - You can also purchase leads from lead distribution companies. We recommend trying You will receive a login and a source to connect with your contacts. It automatically renews once all the leads are delivered so if you want to do it manually make sure to login and cancel the renewal that automatically takes place on your account, you can set this up to manually send traffic to your site whenever YOU are ready! 

However, we also recommend that before you set up your own lead generation system or purchase mlm leads, make sure you know how to talk with your prospects. Too many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on mlm leads before quitting in discouragement simply because they do not know how to effectively work the leads.

Prospecting is a skill that can be learned. The best training program I have found to teach this skill is Tim Sale's Professional Inviter.

Tim's program teaches a comprehensive model for prospecting from "greeting" all the way through to "close to action." He does so in an easy-to-understand, encouraging manner. You also have the opportunity to listen to him making actual calls, followed by an analysis of the important principles exhibited by the call. Read more about Professional Inviter (that link opens a new window) and keep in mind if you don't like it, Tim offers a money-back guarantee. Use Professional Inviter to turn your best mlm leads into best new distributors!

#5 Recommendation

Your Own Web Site - Developing your own web site is a great way to generate some of the best mlm leads. You build credibility, establish your knowledge of a relevant subject matter related to your business, and site visitors become customers and/or distributors in your organization.

The best web site builder by far is Solo Build It for Business, which is what I used to build this web site. Among many other features, the Solo Build program put my web site #1 in all the major search engines, including Google, for my primary keyword search phrase, "best mlm opportunities."

A lot of do-it-yourself web site builders provide you only with hosting and simple web building tools. They charge the same as Solo Build but skimp on all the information and tools you need to ensure that potential customers or prospects will find your site when they use a search engine. There's a great comprehensive comparison chart that shows how the big companies take you for a ride with expensive add-ons, which are included in Solo Build It.BIZ for free.

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Best MLM Leads

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