Amway Global

Durng difficult economic times Amway Global I had groce sales in 2009 in the 8.2 billion dollar range. Thiswas an increase of over a billion dollars.

The company is financially solid and will with out a doubt be there for it's IBOs in the future.

AG is constantly partnering with other stores and manufacturers which provides IBO more opportunity for sales. I believe their are over 1100 partnes affiliated with AG. Examples would be, Sears, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Disney, etc. You can pretty much purchase anything thru their network.

AG has a a very good variety of core products so that if a distributer wants a niche they can easily find it. AG is not limited to just one industry.

Given the success the company has experienced over the last half century, their debt free condition, their excellent product quality and all the administrative services offered it's IBOs, I think this company should easily be in the top 100 of MLM companies.

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Feb 28, 2010
Amway is Old School
by: Anonymous

While Amway may have some great products, their name is tainted due to some unethical and radical practices some Amway Loonies performed years ago.

Their method of marketing quite honestly stinks. They have an online business model, but no one has a clue to market online. Their 21st century training is lacking Internet Marketing.

Pretty sad. There are very few Amway Reps that ever make any money. It's not because the company or products are lacking, its the knowledge of how to market that lacks.

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