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Adsense Backgrounds is a program available for purchase that supplies you with pre-designed backgrounds for Adsense ads.

The idea is that web site visitors have become "Adsense blind" just like they became "banner blind" a few years ago and tuned out any banners on a site.

I don't think "Adsense blindness" is nearly as bad as "banner blindness"--all you have to do is compare CTR (Click Through Rates) between the two to see the evidence. However, I do think there is something to the assertion that many web site visitors are gradually "tuning out" Adsense ads. Adsense Backgrounds seeks to remedy that problem.

The program's images are designed to catch the eye of the jaded web site visitor long enough for him or her to at least look at the Adsense links.

I'm using a couple of Adsense Backgrounds below and, if you surf around this web site, you'll see them sprinkled about.

=== Sidebar === If you want to your text to wrap around your Adsense ad, like the one above, you create a table and place the Adsense code inside it. Here's the code for the table I used for the Adsense links ad above:

See the Adsense Backgrounds Tips below for instructions on how to do it when using Adsense Backgrounds.

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On this page you can:

The author of Adsense Backgrounds reports that his CTR (Click Through Rate) for his Adsense ads

increased signficantly when he began adding these backgrounds. The Adsense ads you see on this page all use Adsense Backgrounds. I mention this fact so that you can get an idea of what they look like in practice.

The owner of specifically asked Google if the backgrounds were in compliance with Adsense Terms and he was told "yes," it is okay to use these backgrounds with your Adsense ads. There's a copy of the letter he received from Google on his web site.

Adsense Rewards Review

Unfortunately, my experience has been that using Adsense Rewards has not improved my CTR (Click Through Rate), in fact, in some cases it is lower than regular Adsense ads of the same size and in the same location on the page. Of course, it's possible that others have or will achieve higher CTR (and Conversion Rates) using Adsense Backgrounds either because they use a different strategy, have a different type of web site and therefore different visitors, or other because of other factors.

Adsense Backgrounds Statistics

In general my CTR for the Adsense Backgrounds ads has been either the same or as much as one fourth the CTR (75% decrease) compared to using the regular Adsense format.

I suspect that web site visitors are much more "ad-averse" than "Adsense-blind." In other words, as has been the case previously, visitors avoid anything that looks like an ad. The advantage of regular adsense ads (usually with no border and blue URL's) is that they blend in to a page much better. Compared to other forms of advertising such as banners, visitors are less likely to perceive them as ads.

Adsense Backgrounds Tips

  1. To track changes in your CTR (Click Through Rate), EPC (Earnings Per Click), and other statistics you need to be able to designate Channels to your Adsense ads. Here's how to do it:

    Go to your adsense account, and act as if you are setting up an ad as you would have done before purchasing Adsense Backgrounds. Remember, of course, to create a name for you Channel. It doesn't matter what color scheme you select. Then copy the following two lines only--they contain the channel information. The two lines look like this:

    google_ad_channel ="1234567890";

    Then take out the following line from the HTML for your Adsense Backgrounds ad:

    google_ad_channel ="";

    and replace it with the above two lines of channel info that you got from

    In the box below is an example of how the finished product would look.

    Keep in mind that "Your_Channel_Name" will be replaced with the Channel name you created on the Google Adsense site. And the part of the HTML that reads:

    google_ad_channel ="1234567890"

    will have your channel number in it instead of "1234567890"

    Here is an example of how it would look:

    Adsense Information

    If you have a blog or web site you should be using Adsense because you'll make a least a few extra dollars every month, if not much more.

    Google Adwords Information

    If you have used Google Adwords to advertise your network marketing opportunity then you probably know that your ads appear on the Google search engine. You might not also know that your ads appear on web sites that participate in the Adsense program. If advertisers like your site they can even request that their Adwords ads be displayed on your site, which will usually increase your revenue.

    If you have not used Google Adwords to find new distributors or customers, you should give it a try. Just don't bid more than 10 cents per click until you have experience with the program.

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