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23 April 2007 - I've owned the URL, MarkWorthen.com (my name) for awhile and finally got around to

creating a website to go with it! On that site, I tell you my recommendations for the
Top 3 Home Business Opportunities.

I also offer a list of the Best Marketing Resources for Network Marketers. These are the tools and educational programs that have helped me the most. The majority of them have to do with Internet Marketing since that's how I've built the bulk of my business.

I've got some info about all my business ventures and some personal data although I tend to use my MySpace page for the more relaxed, personal mixed with business stuff (you're welcome to add me as a Friend).

I list links and a little information about all of my websites.

By the way, if you don't have a common name, you might be able to get your name with a ".com" extension. I use GoDaddy.com because they provide domains for $8.95 per year or less and they provide excellent customer service. But regardless of where you purchase domains, you ought to see if your name is available and buy it even if you don't plan to use it for awhile.

12 March 2007 - Bug in Windows Defender that leads to False Alarm if you use the Alexa Toolbar.

If you use the
Alexa Toolbar and Windows Defender, you need to know about this:


This is the page on Digg.com where I posted the article. Please
Digg that article while you are there. :o) Thanks!

The original post about the Alexa Toolbar and Windows Defender False Alarm is on my MLM-News-Blog

06 January 2007 - Here's another website directory that accepts submissions from network marketers: Mystical Maze Links Directory. Remember that by placing your links in quality directories you will attract traffic to your site and possibly increase the "link popularity" of you site, which helps to move your site up on the search engine results pages.

By the way, in addition to featuring a nice links directory, Mystical Maze is a fun, effective traffic exchange where you can advertise your company website as well as banners and text ads. The "mystical maze" is a game you play while surfing the exchange in which you can earn prizes such as extra credits, upgrades, and even cash.

MysticalMaze.com- The Mystical Maze Hit Exchange Clicking to the HIGHEST Power!!!

28 November 2006 - Problems with Aweber - I just signed on with Aweber, a leading autoresponder service, about a month ago because they are recommended by so many people.

I had some initial frustration with their email templates, which do not save what you type yet also require you to log in again after an undetermined amount of time. You lose all you work after you are automatically logged off and you login in again.

I lost a lengthy email I had almost finished composing. If they had posted a warning I would have composed my text in Notepad and then copied-and-pasted into their form but I frankly didn't think of it because so many programs automatically save what you type, e.g., Gmail, or at least warn you about things like an automatic log off.

My biggest problem with Aweber occurred yesterday when I received an email in the morning indicating that my account had been permanently deleted because I violated their terms of service.

I had purchased subscribers to my ezine from Glen Hopkins' highly respected ListOpt.com program. These were subscribers who specifically requested my ezine and had double opted in to receive it.

It did not even occur to me that these subscribers could not be imported into the Aweber system. When I imported the subscribers I clearly identified them as subscribers obtained from ListOpt.com

I had already submitted three batches of leads over three consecutive days when I received the form letter via email from Aweber yesterday. My account was indeed closed; I could not access it.

I called Aweber to express my dissatisfaction for not at least calling me to indicate that I had violated their terms. The gentleman with whom I spoke was polite and professional. He explained their policy and their desire to assiduously avoid any potential accusations of spam.

I said I could understand their position but I would have appreciated a phone call explaining that I had violated their terms before they abruptly closed my account; terminated my service; and erased the list of subscribers I had gathered thus far, in addition to autoresponder emails I had written.

I wrote Aweber today via email requesting that they send me the list of subscribers and the autoresponder messages I had stored on my account. They replied that once an account is closed that the subscriber list and messages are no longer available.

I asked if that meant if it was literally impossible to retrieve such data or if they simply were not willing to do so. The customer service representative would not answer that question but instead simply repeated that the data was "not available."

I wrote to Aweber:

I understand now that I violated Aweber's terms. However, at the time I purchased those subscribers and imported them into my Aweber account I had no idea I was doing something wrong.

After all, these were individuals who had--as I specified in my import note to Aweber--already double opted in asking specifically to receive my ezine. I did not hide the fact that they were purchased subscribers. Why would I? I didn't think I was doing any thing wrong.

It would have been so easy for you all to call me and say, "I'm sorry Dr. Worthen but you can't import these subscribers." I would have then understood the terms better; I would not import any more leads; and you would still have a generally satisfied customer.

Instead you closed my account without notice; you didn't even have the courtesy to call and tell me; and you then proceeded to erase the data in my account!

I just sent that email so I don't expect to receive a response until tomorrow or Wednesday (30 NOV 06). I'll update then.

UPDATE ( 07 DEC 06) - I received a response a few days later that repeated what they had said before. The response did not answer my question about why they refuse to send me my subscriber list and messages I had written.

16 July 2006 - Superb Article by Kim Klaver - Are the money-driven reps still in control?" - I love her proposal that companies "offer big rewards and recognition for those who bring and take care of regular long term customers."

09 July 2006 - MLM-Friendly Directory: The100Lists.com

The easiest way to determine if a web site directory welcomes MLM-related web sites is if it

contains a category for network marketing companies or distributors.

The100Lists.com is one such directory. There is a category under Business for Network Marketing, although I should note that other categories might be more appropriate for your site, e.g., Health > Nutrition > Supplements.

The100Lists.com indicates that they optimize each page for the search engines. It's a new site so consider the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a work-in-progress.

The100Lists.com also offers a unique system for determining the order of directory listings. Although initially sites will be listed in order of submission, over time site owners will have the option of bidding and paying a fee to be listed first, second, third, etc., in their category.

Site owners who receive the most visits and/or who refer the most people to The100Lists.com receive a boost in their listing as well.

100 lists web directory

09 July 2006 - Top Network Marketing Companies based on Google Alexa rankings - Kim Klaver, one of my favorite network marketing educators and coaches (author of the very popular eBook, "If my Product's So Great,How come I can't sell it?") recently published a "Top 50 Network Marketing Companies" list on her blog.

28 June 2006 - SiteBuildIt Critiqued - I responded to a post on a work at home forum that criticized the SiteBuildIt web site and recommended Microsoft Office Live as a web site builder instead. Here is my response:

The critique of the SiteBuildIt site is that it is too promotional. I can see that point--they definitely try to persuade you to buy SBI. I also know that the company constantly tests and evaluates what works--the copy you see is generally that which has proven most effective at generating sales.

But whether you like the copy or not, please don't let it detract from all that SBI has to offer home-based and small business owners who want a web site that sells.

In particular, understand that a program like Microsoft Office Live--and similar web site builders like Yahoo's, Verisign's, and dozens of others--will cost you much, much more to produce a web site that sells than SiteBuildIt.

You can build a web site cheaper with those programs, heck, you can build a mini-site for free.

But the critical question to ask with any web site builder, including hiring a web site designer, is: "How will potential customers find my web site?"

Think about how you find a site:

1) A friend recommends it and gives you the link

2) You search on a search engine

3) You search on a search engine and click on a pay-per-click ad ("sponsored link")

4) You click on a link in an ezine, RSS feed, or another web site.

Of all those methods, the most common is, for the vast majority of people, searching on a search engine.

That means you will want your web site to appear when someone searches for a topic relevant to the services or products you offer. For example, the original post I responded to was about Virtual Assistants. If someone searches for "virtual assistants" will they find that person's web site?

So the question then is, "How do you get your web site to appear high up in the search engine results?" That is what the other web site builders neither teach you to do nor provide the tools to achieve it. At least not with their basic package. If you buy a number of expensive add-ons you can achieve mediocre search engine optimization for your site but at about four times the cost of SiteBuildIt ($1200 per year compared to $300). See the comprehensive comparison chart for details.

If all you need is a site that serves as an online brochure for your services, i.e., you only expect people to see the site if you tell them about it, then you don't need a sophisticated web marketing, site building program like SiteBuildIt.

But if you want potential customers to find you on the Internet, you need a web site that they will find when they search.

There are really only three choices if that's the case:

1) Hire a professional web designer and an Internet marketing specialist who provides search engine optimization services as part of his or her consultation (if you can find one person who does all that it's even better but many web designers don't know a lot about Internet marketing)

2) Become a web designer and Internet marketing professional yourself, e.g., learn HTML, Dreamweaver, SEO, persuasion and conversion copywriting skills, viral marketing principles, statistical analysis of web analytics, etc.

3) Use SiteBuildIt, which provides you with not only all the tools you need to build a web site that sells but also the education and ongoing support to learn how to do it. You won't be a web design professional or Internet marketing expert but you'll be darn close!

I have two web sites I built with SiteBuildIt. One is for my psychology practice. I've spent very little time on it yet it consistently brings me a steady flow of referrals of full-fee, self-pay clients. My other site, Best-MLM-Opportunities.com, pays for itself a dozen times over the original cost for SBI and I've only done a fraction of what I could do in terms of taking advantage of all the tools SBI provides.

So if you want a web site that truly helps you sell your products or services, either hire a professional (there are a number who frequent this forum) or use SiteBuildIt.

Comprehensive Chart Comparing SiteBuildIt to Microsoft, Yahoo, & Verisign
Mark Worthen, Psy.D.

Learn more about SiteBuildIt.Biz

23 May 2006 - How to Talk with Prospects - Below is an email I sent to a new distributor to a rival company who called me to see about joining her business. I politely declined and also offered to give her some feedback regarding her prospecting approach. She is a very nice lady who I suspect will learn fast and be quite successful.

Here is my email to her, which I trust will be helpful to other new distributors:

Here is my advice regarding talking with prospects: Talk much less. Ask more questions. Ascertain why the person wants to have (or has) a home business.

Then connect the benefits of your company--how the prospect can make money--with them achieving their dreams.

As a general rule of thumb, talk about 20% of the time. The other 80% of the time ask questions, listen very closely to the answers, and respond such that you communicate clearly that you understand the prospect's perspective/feelings/experience, etc.

Also, before you call, set the intention to help this person achieve their dreams by teaching them how to create a thriving home business. Sure, you want to make money but, as you no doubt know, we are most successful achieving our dreams when we focus on helping others achieve theirs.

The best training for prospecting--at least in my experience--is Professional Inviter by Tim Sales. Tim teaches you the skills you need to successfully greet, qualify, invite, and close to action. Plus you learn how to respond to objections, particularly the "is this one of those pyramid schemes?" question.

I believe that successful network marketing requires roughly equal measures of personal growth and skills development. Professional Inviter gives you top-notch skills training.

Tom "Big Al" Schrieter also offers skill-based training, although his is more oriented toward the traditional, local, person-to-person approach.

Tim Sales' training can be applied to Internet and telephone marketing as well as person-to-person, "warm market" efforts.

Tom Schrieter's URL is:


Tim Sales' is:


Feel free to write or call back.

All the Best,


P.S. The Professional Inviter training program is only $129, which I easily made back (plus more) with one new distributor joining my business.

Tim Sales' NEWEST training resource helps you... Say the Right Thing to Every Prospect.

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