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Internet and Network Marketing Success Ezine, 15 April 2008
April 16, 2008

"Helping Network Marketers To Attract More Customers and
Prospects Via Internet Marketing ... "

Date: 15 April 2008
Publisher: Mark D. Worthen, Psy.D.
Email: mark at markworthen dot com

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FEATURE ARTICLE - My Best Marketing Strategies

by Mark Worthen, Psy.D.

Here are the nine (9) marketing methods that work the best for me (in no particular order). A couple of these are specific to my company but most likely there are similar options available with your network marketing or direct sales company.

1) Create a Custom Site either using your company’s web site builder or “custom site” option. If your company doesn’t have this option, ask them if they will consider adding it.

2) Use Your Own Autoresponder so you can personalize the messages. The marketing system my company uses is integrated with the Aweber autoresponder, so I use it and think it performs very well.

Strategies 3 through 9 ...

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Craigslist Advertising: Not Worth The Effort ...

Google Checkout Ignorant About Network Marketing ...

Wowzza Update - I Don’t Think It’s Worth The Price ...

SiteBuildIt vs. Do-It-Yourself Website Creation ...


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