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April 01, 2008

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Date: 02 April 2008
Publisher: Mark D. Worthen, Psy.D.
Email: mark at markworthen dot com

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FEATURE ARTICLE - How A Squid Can Help You (Squidoo)

by Mark Worthen, Psy.D.

I recently created a Squidoo Lens for my CarbonCopyPRO
and am again impressed by how easy it is to
create an informative, SEO-friendly web page with Squidoo.
(A “Lens” is simply Squidoo’s name for their web pages).

If you make a Squidoo Lens about your network marketing
business, you can generate traffic to your company-
sponsored or personal web site.

Squidoo pages are easy to create, although you will have
to spend a little time reading the instructions of course.


I mention that you have to read the instructions because I
hear silly complaints from would-be home business owners
like, “Blogger is too hard to use, there are all those
tutorials and stuff–I don’t have time to read all that!”

Er, if you don’t have time to learn how to build a blog
with a simple, user-friendly blogging program, you should
definitely not quit your day job! :-o

But of course, that’s not you, so let’s get back to the
squids …

——————END OF SIDEBAR————

Okay, back to building a Squidoo Lens … Be sure to check
your company’s
Policies & Procedures or Terms of Service
to determine if you can use your company’s name on your
own web site (which would a include Squidoo Lens) and if
it’s acceptable to link to your replicated website (the
one your company gives you).

In 2008 it’s amazing that some network marketing companies
prohibit Internet marketing but then again, a hundred
years ago some companies balked at installing telephones
in the office.

Here are some Squidoo tips ... [continued]

-----------------CHECK THIS OUT------------------

My new Squidoo site! Proving that I Squidoo too ...

If you visit mine, I'll visit yours ... ;) Of course, when
you visit, you need to leave a comment in my Guestbook,
or I won't know you visited! Let me know how you honored
my site, e.g., gave it 5 Stars, Lensrolled it, Stumbled it, etc.
and I will reciprocate.



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