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Add Your Name to the LIst of MLM Distributors (No Charge), Best-Mlm-Opportunities Ezine, Issue #005
September 20, 2004

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Here are the most recent entries to the MLM Opportunities Blog:

19 September 2004: Add your Name to a List of Distributors for the Best MLM Opportunities. offers a list of the top network marketing companies. If you are a distributor for one of the companies listed, you may complete a form to have your name appear on the site. Individuals interested in your company can then contact you directly about your opportunity. There is no charge for the listing at this time.

Detailed information and the submission form are on this page:

16 September 2004: Referralware: Not Recommended 

Referralware is a paid subscription program designed to help you earn money by enrolling others in the program and in other affiliate or network marketing programs. Referralware is a brilliant idea but in practice it is not an effective program.

In particular, they do not give you the choice to remove their preferred programs from the list of suggestions provided to new members. Therefore, instead of being able to promote only your programs, you end up promoting Referralware's preferred programs along with yours. Naturally, Referralware signed up first for those programs.

Consequently they are everyone's upline and they can make a lot of money promoting their preferred programs. Add that income to the monthly Referralware membership fees and it's no wonder they made $10 million last year according to their web site.

Also of note, the preferred programs from last year are no longer featured. If they were such great programs why isn't Referralware still promoting them?

I also found Referralware's customer service to be fair at best. There is no telephone support and if you write an email they will tell you to seek help via Live Support. Other Referralware members will help you in Live Support, which can sometimes be good. But it's hit- and-miss. It all depends on who is signed on to Live Support when you log on. Plus, you cannot address questions directly to Referralware staff--I found them to be out of reach.

I think Referralware could be a great program but unfortunately it isn't. The owners seem more interested in maximizing their profits than in helping their customers succeed.

14 September 2004: Best Ezine for Network Marketers

My favorite ezine these days is Randy's Rants published by prosperity guru Randy Gage.

I like Randy's Rants because Mr. Gage doesn't pull any punches. He tells it like it is. I usually feel stung and squirm a little when I'm reading it. And it's usually the first email I'll read from a list of 50 sitting in my Inbox.

Randy gets me thinking. This weeks ezine, "Seizing Success or Validating Victim-hood," has me alternating between denial of the ways I play victim in my life and facing the facts. Ouch.

I don't like looking at those aspects of my unconscious mind. The "easier, softer way" dictates that I actively avoid awareness of those subterranean beliefs and motivations.

But to do so is to die a slow death.

Read why by subscribing to "Randy's Rants" at:

06 September 2004: Best Network Marketing Publication

I just finished reading the latest issue of Networking Times , my favorite publication on the network marketing industry. It's so nice to read a real magazine, delivered in the mail every other month. You can read it online too (along with back issues) but I like being able take it with me and read it whenever and wherever I want.

I also like:

1) The fact that the articles are well-written. Clearly some great writers and editors at work here.

2) The magazine does not promote any network marketing program. If you want to learn about an author, you can go to the Networking Times web site for a link but that's it: There is no mention of their network marketing company affiliation.

3) Each issue has a theme, such as Goals, Coaching, Women in Network Marketing, or Youth (how 18-29 year olds are bringing fresh ideas and tremendous energy to our business).

4) There are no advertisements, except for Networking Times upcoming workshops or programs.

5) I learn something important about myself and/or running a more effective business in each issue.

For example, the issue on Coaching made me look at being a sponsor in a much different light. It was a shift from feeling an obligation to lead a team member to success to an opportunity to empower them to become a leader.

20 July 2004: Example of Excellent Internet Marketing

If have never visited Tom "Big Al" Schreiter's web site you owe it to yourself to check it out.

o Subscribe to his free superb email courses

o Download his top-notch free ebooks and, equally important,

o Study how effectively he builds trust and credibility with these freebies, the design of his site, the copywriting, etc.

For a guy who promotes traditional, one-on-one local network marketing, Big Al is one heck of a Internet marketer!

17 July 2004: Herbalife Removed from

I have taken Herbalife off my list of Best MLM Opportunities based on negative reports from distributors, e.g.:

o Pressure to buy over-priced training packages

o Leaving distributors with lots of unsold product when they abruptly stopped promoting certain product lines

o Excessive emphasis on recruiting distributors.

o I also know of a patient of a fellow psychologist in the Northeast (U.S.) who was pressured to buy a kit--and he has a serious mental illness that makes him quite vulnerable to exploitation. Sure, it could happen with any company and we can't expect distributors to be psychologists (well, except for a few ;o). But all the information together seems like more than a coincidence.


That's all for this issue. Please call or write with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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