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Leads - Cognigen - Books - Best-Mlm-Opportunities Ezine, Issue #004
November 07, 2003



Volume 1, Number 4

07 November 2003

Sorry for the long delay between last issue and this one. Let's dive right in.


If you are a network marketer then you know how important it is to have good leads. However, it's hard to know which leads companies provide good names of prospects and which ones are a rip-off.

I searched the 'Net for sites that review MLM leads. I was surprised to discover that there aren't any comprehensive MLM leads review sites. So I decided to start my own! It's actually contained within my Best-Mlm-Opportunities web site. I've set up a forwarding URL to make it easy:

If you have experience with a MLM leads company--positive or negative--and are willing to share it, I will include your referral URL to an MLM leads company or your primary network marketing business on my web site. (Of course, it will have to be a program I agree is good.)

Review Your MLM Opportunity

Not only can you get your referral URL on my site for reviewing a leads program, you can achieve the same result if you review an MLM program. Again, negative reviews are just as important as positive ones.

If you report on a negative experience with a network marketing company then I'll figure out a way to send some referrals your way for the good program you are promoting! :o)


I recently joined Cognigen, an established telecommunications and home office tools company. What I like about Cognigen so far:

It is FREE to join.

You receive a well-designed, usable web site to promote your business.

They offer a lot of free educational materials and training.

You can sell a wide variety of telecommunications products from over 30 different companies. For example: discount long distance service, cell phones, T1 lines, Internet access, satellite TV, and much more.

A gripe about Cognigen is that one of their domain registration companies charges $17.95 for a domain name with forwarding, when you can buy the same thing from GoDaddy for $8.95.

On the other hand, I just purchased a pager (yes, a few people still use them!) with one-year Page Net service at a much more competitive price and great service.

Cognigen also has very low-priced long distance plans. I unfortunately had locked myself into a 3-year contract with my current long distance provider so I couldn't take advantage of the savings.

As a business, the compensation plan is as good or better than other telecommunications providers, although less than companies which promote other products with higher profit margins.

Keep in mind that telecommunications is a very competitive industry. Nonetheless, if you have the contacts to market the products and build a downline, Cognigen appears to offer solid long-term income potential.


Here are some of the books I've read over the last few months which have proven to be particularly helpful:

Fogg, John Milton (1997). The Greatest Networker. You can read this inspiring book FREE at the Greatest Networker web site. Click here.

Sobczak, Art (2001). How to Sell More in Less Time with No Rejection: Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques, Volume 1. Omaha, NE: Business By Phone, Inc. Very well-written, accessible, and practical. Since much of our business is on the phone, this book is right on target. It's not focused on network marketing but that doesn't matter. The principles are the same. Available from the author online:

Sobczak, Art (2001). How to Sell More in Less Time with No Rejection: Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques, Volume 2. Omaha, NE: Business By Phone, Inc. More high-quality, hands-on, use-it-today advice and guidance. Available from the author online:

Stege, Fred (2002). Recruit Your Way To Millions! The best book I've read on building your downline. His approach really works! Available online for $27.97 or you can receive it free if you join TrafficOasis. Or, click here to buy the book.

Well, that's enough for this issue.

Wishing you Good Health and Abundance,


P.S. I recommend Consumer FIRST as one of the Best Mlm Opportunities on my web site. If you want to stay up to date regarding the Consumer FIRST opportunity, subscribe to my Consumer FIRST Updates by sending a blank email to:


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