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Rip Off of the Year? Best-Mlm-Opportunities Ezine, Issue #002
June 14, 2003

Best-M1m-Opportunities Ezine

Vol. 1, No. 2
14 June 2003


Note: I originally published this article on the Best-M1m-Opportunities Blog. Don't forget that if you make a contribution to the Blog page, you can place your referral URL to the program you review (if it's a positive review) or to another program (if your experience was with one of the Worst M1m Opportunities!

Rip Off of the Year?

I just heard about Global Daily Pay today from a representative who sent me an unsolicited email. I usually check out new business opportunities if the rep writes a decent email that's not full of the usual malarkey about making mi11ions by next year.

Although I'm usually not interested in the offer, I occasionally learn about a stellar program reading such uns0licited emai1. One possible sign of a good program is when the distrib^tor  asks politely in their first email something like, "May I send you some information about . . ." and that's it! They actually let you choose. I don't mind that kind of uns0licited email even if it is technically considered sp>m.

But on to the main topic of this blog.

Shame1ess Expl0itation?

It's not often that I recoil at the audacity of a new M1m company. Today, I was literally jaw-dropping sh0cked reading the Global Daily Pay web site.

Although the "no spons0ring" (meaning that commissions are earned on sale of products only) aspect of the program sounds good, it's the product that is the problem.

The "Starter Package" costs $179. And what do you receive? Well, $29 of the amount is labeled an "Adm'nistrative Fee" that provides:

"Internationa1 D'_bit C-rd, shipping via FedEx of your Internationa1 D'_bit C-rd, one year of website hosting, and the unlimited use of pre-programmed AutoResponsers [sic].

That description of the Adm'nist_rative Fee, raises as many questions as it answers, such as:

"What kind of web site hosting and who is the host?"

"What is meant by 'pre-programmed' autoresponders?"

"What fi^ancia1 institution issues the Internationa1 D'_bit C-rd?"

"Do I have to pay for it to be sent via Fed Ex? How about First Class mail and shave $15 off the price?"

To their credit, one of the questions I would have asked is listed on the Global Daily Pay FAQs page:

What fees are associated with the A_TM/D'_bit C-rd?

Monthly Fee $3.00 Internationa1 P_urchase $1.50
Direct D'posit Fee $3.00 International A_TM $4.50
All other D'posits $5.00 Transaction D_cline $1.00
A_TM Withdrawal $1.75** Automated Customer Svc Call $1.00
A_TM/POS Ba1ance Inquiry $0.50 C'rd-to-C'rd Transfer $3.00
On1ine Ba1ance Inquiry F\RE_E
* All new accounts carry a minimum ba1ance requir'ment of $10.00
** Remember! On A_TM transactions, you may also be assessed a surcharge by the A_TM owner.
Fees subject to change with0ut notice
Detailed instructions are online at:

Ouch! You mean I have to pay $5.00 to deposit money?! (Boy, I don't know if that's a normal practice for these kind of d_bit cards but it sure sounds like a raw deal to me).


$300 eBook Package!

And what else is in the "Starter Package?"

A collection of eBooks "valued at over $300." An example? Mi11ion Do11ar Emai1s valued at $19.95.

The only problem is that Mi11ion Do11ar Emai1s and probably most, if not all of these eBooks "valued at over $300," can be obtained for much less than the suggested retail price.

I just checked eBay where you can purchase Mi11ion Do11ar Emai1s, as a "Buy It Now!" item for $0.99. That's right, 99 cents.

Or, there's this one:

eBay Extr_me Pack_age - Va1u'e $24.95
This is a complete package that deals with eBay and other auc_tions!

Price on eBay today? You guessed it: 99 cents

Overall, if they threw out the recycled, 99 cent eBooks and simply offered the "Administrative Fee" package by itself for $29 it could be a good deal--except for those "get you coming and going" debit card fees and all the unanswered questions.

So, this $179 St'ar/ter Pac_kage at Global Daily Pay is not exactly a great deal, in my humble opinion. Naturally, you are the final judge of the value of these products and services.


Are You Sitting Down?

But the Starter Package is not the real sh0cker. Get out your nitroglycerin tablets!

The "Bronze Package" is pri_ced as follows:

Option #2 Price
*Star'ter Pa_ckage
*Bronze P_ackage
 Admin. Fee
Total Pri/ce

And what do you get for $500 of your hard-earned money?

  • SafeList Mark_etin/g - Value $1,078
    Access to multiple SafeLists giving you the ability to send up to 7.5 Million SPAM-FREE emails to market this or any other opportunity, product or service.
  • FF-A Network - Value $59.95
    Submit your ad or offer to over 2 MILLION FF-A Pages (mostly 0pp0rtu/nity Se\ek'ers)

"Access to safelists" is worth $1,078?! According to whom? You can find more safe lists than you'll ever need for FREE. There are plenty of directories and guides to safelists that provide this information for FREE. And they say it's worth $1,078?! On what planet?

Okay, I'm almost done venting. ;o)


Maybe You Should Buy Real Platinum Instead

One last depressing, enraging piece of information. That is simply to tell you that the cost for the Platinum package is $17,179.95

You tell me if you think it's worth it.

I think the whole program is the Rip Off of the Year. At least so far.

Go over to the brazen Global Daily Pay web site and check it out for yourself.


You Might Have Had A Way To Get Your Money Back But . . .

I was going to close this blog entry by encouraging people who bought any of these Global Daily Pay packages to file a complaint with their credit card company and dispute the charge on the basis of deceptive advertising or something along those lines.

But the unidentified-and-prefer-it-that-way owners of the company (see the web site for their rationalization--I mean, rationale--for their anonymous status) have perhaps anticipated a flood of charge back requests:

Global Daily Pay does not ac*ept cr>dit c'rds. Only Western Union and cashier's checks. Therefore, consumers have fewer options to seek redress.

Perhaps the best course of action for individuals who believe they have been sold a bill of goods is contact the Federal Trade Commission at:

So Is There A Program You Like, Mark?

Lest you think I am an eternal complainer, allow me state that, Yes, there are M1m Network Marketing programs that I like. I'll try to keep the reviews balanced although when I come across a brash new program like Global Daily Pay, I might have two negative reviews in a row.

You can read why I like the Consumer1st program on this page of the Best-M1m Opportunities site: "Consumer1st: Why It's One of the Best and What Needs Improvement."

All the Best,


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