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Of course, you might want to review these suggestions first:

Submission Parameters

I'd rather not impose rigid requirements regarding length of your submissions. Instead, keep in mind the formula:

Effective Writing = More Sales.

Be succinct. To minimize typographical errors, write what you want to submit in a word processor and then cut-and-paste it into the boxes.

and grammar-check. For example, don't make all too common errors, such as, typing "loose" (opposite of "tight," rhymes with "goose") when you mean "lose" (opposite of "win," rhymes with "cruise").

You can designate HTML tags for

Bold: [b]Text you want bold goes in here[/b]

Italics: [i]text you want in italics goes in here[/i]

Underline: [u]text you want underlined goes in here[/u]

You can use either [brackets] or the actual HTML tag indicators, angle brackets < and >.

For example, if you want something to be Bold and in Italics, type this:


and I'll turn it into:


It does not matter if you use upper or lower case letters.

I recommend making at least one word or phrase Bold in each paragraph. It makes your copy easier to read.

Keep paragraphs short too.

If you want some free tips on writing effectively for the Internet and elsewhere, I recommend this Free Netwriting Masters Course.

In addition, there is a new e-book designed specifically to helping you learn how to write effective copy that "pre-sells" your site visitors or email recipients on your products or business opportunity. You can read the details about the e-book here and, if you wish, order it for immediate download.

After one or both of those ebooks, you'll be ready to respond to the questions below like a pro and persuade prospects to sign up with you or buy your products today!

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