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June 24, 2007 22:43 - Why Are Leading Internet Marketers Endorsing the Rich Jerk's Playboy Mansion Party?

We all know that the Rich Jerk is just that. He has effectively used controversy to make a lot of money. What I don't get is why people like Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy, Mike Dillard, John Reese, and Mike Filsaime are promoting and endorsing his "Playboy Mansion Party." (Search for it as I don't want to give it another link).

It's one thing to be controversial and even raunchy but the Rich Jerk goes over the line with his blatant sexism and homophobia.

Now, you might be thinking, "Oh, come on, he's just having fun and it's a great marketing technique--look he's got you writing about it giving him free publicity."

If that's you, let me ask you a couple of questions:

1) If you have a teenage or adult daughter, would you take her to the Jerk's party, where one of the primary attractions are the voluptuous young women scampering around in their bikinis and maybe (according to the sales letter) even removing their tops to give all the guys a look at their breasts. If you would feel completely comfortable bringing your daughter to this event, I'd love to hear your rationale.

2) The Jerk concludes a recent blog post about his party with "P.S. No gays allowed." You know, it wasn't that long ago that the Jerk might have written, "No Negroes allowed" or "No Jews allowed" and very few people would object because they either shared the view that African-American and Jewish-American people were inferior or, if they didn't hold those racist views, they didn't want anyone to call them a "Jew-lover" or "N----- lover" or to face similar derision.

Today the fear is that you'll be accused of being "politically correct" (what a fool!) or of being gay yourself, an accusation which most American men fear more than almost anything.

Well, I'm not afraid to say that while I could care less about the Jerk, I think all of the men (you noticed there are no women endorsing the event on the sales letters, right?) who are endorsing or promoting his event should state if they share the Jerk's attitude that women are merely sex objects available for a man's pleasure and if they also endorse the Jerk's homophobic/anti-gay beliefs. Then we would at least know where they stand.

If they don't believe either of the above, why the heck are they endorsing or promoting the Jerk's event at all? Are they willing to endorse a grossly sexist and homophobic businessman simply to make some more money?

June 26, 2007 23:54 - What's Wrong with the Rich Jerk's Playboy Mantion Party and Its Promotion?

Well, I knew that this issue might be controversial but I had no idea how vociferous would be the opposition to my opinion. Further in this post I describe what happened when I initiated a discussion of the topic on a forum.

But first, here's what I posted today on the Conquer Your Niche Forum. This post goes into more detail about the issue and provides links to the relevant sites. I realized that there's no way to get around the fact that the Jerk gets free publicity when someone like me voices concern about his effect on our industry. So better to include the links so that people can see what I'm referring to in my comments.

Here is my forum post:

The Rich Jerk is having a party at the Playboy Mansion. It's a networking event, a charity fundraiser, and, according to one of the sales pages there will also be "Body Painted Chicks Catering to Your Every Need" and, according to the "family-friendly" version of the sales letter:

# Mingle with over 200 of the hottest women in the world
# World class food from Hef’s personal chef
# Potential to attend an exclusive afterparty at the Rich Jerk's own mansion in Hollywood (visitors chosen at his discretion)
# A don’t ask, don’t tell policy – meaning pretty much “anything” goes. Everyone will be forced to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement
# Access to Hef’s personal game room and “special rooms” (wink wink) . Here's a hint, one of these special room's ENTIRE floor is a bed, and every wall (and the ceiling) is a mirror! (I hope my wife never reads this)

The non-family friendly version, which has been pulled from the Internet, says:

The party will be completely catered by Hef’s personal chef, with open bars (topless bartenders) so you can get as s--t-faced as you want. But I strongly recommend staying conscious. At least for a little while. After all, if you black out, you won’t remember anything.


Plus, everyone in attendance will have to sign a non- disclosure document. Therefore, you can be sure your wife, girlfriend, or whoever will NOT find out what happens when you are hanging around a couple of super hot, slutty models in the grotto or a sex room.

Famous marketers like Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, Mike Filsaime, and John Reese have endorsed the event, although other well-known marketers, such as Paul Galloway have stated they will not attend (click here for Paul's blog post explaining his decision).

Bloggers and forums are beginning to take up the issue. Here's a forum thread expressing opposition to the Jerk's tactics, which the participants believe is offensive to women: showthread.php?p=15845#post15845

The Rich Jerk also recently offended many women and the gay community with a video on which he "brands" "his" women like a rancher would brand his cattle and a caricature of a flouncy gay guy who whines that he wants to be "branded" too:


Finally, the Rich Jerk concludes his June 1st blog entry about the Playboy Mansion Party with

P.S. No gays allowed.

As you can probably guess, I find the whole thing offensive. It makes the Internet marketing business look low-class, sexist, and homophobic.

But when I initiated a discussion about this issue on another forum, seven or eight members (all men, by the way) quickly disagreed with me saying I was imposing my morals on them, being "politically correct," that I was opposed to free speech, that the Rich Jerk is just an act and to not take it seriously etc. I had hoped to have a rationale discussion because I think it's an important issue for our industry to address but, unfortunately, the owner of that other forum deleted the thread and prohibited any discussion of the issue.

June 28, 2007 18:11 - Write a Letter to the Playboy Mansion Party Promoters Protesting Rich Jerk's Sexism and Homophobia

I would like to encourage everyone who recognizes the insidious detrimental effect this party and its promotion has on our industry to write the men promoting this event (notice that there are not any women promoting the event, as far as I know) and ask them to publicly withdraw their support and not go to the party.

Here's an example of what I'm saying in my letter. Feel free to copy it as you wish although it's of course best if you write something in your own words.

Dear [Rich Jerk Playboy Mansion Party Promoter),

I don’t know you but you seem like a decent guy who puts his family first and runs an ethical business.

I would therefore like to ask you to reconsider your support of the Rich Jerk’s Playboy party, for the following reasons:

1) His advertising for the event has been blatantly sexist and anti-gay in character. For example, he ends his June 1st blog post with “P.S. No gays allowed.

What if he had written, “No blacks allowed” or “No Jews allowed?” Would that have been acceptable to you? If not, why would “No gays allowed” be acceptable?

Or, an example of sexism, from his “uncensored” sales letter:

Plus, everyone in attendance will have to sign a non- disclosure document. Therefore, you can be sure your wife, girlfriend, or whoever will NOT find out what happens when you are hanging around a couple of super hot, slutty models in the grotto or a sex room.

By the way, that uncensored letter has been pulled from the Internet but can be viewed by searching on Google for:

and then clicking the “Cached” link

UPDATE: The cached version of the "uncensored" sales page is no longer available via Google.

2) His videos on YouTube provide further evidence of his misogynic and homophobic beliefs. Particularly this video in which the Rich Jerk (played by an actor) "brands" his women as a rancher would brand his cattle. Near the end of the video a negative stereotype of a flouncy gay guy pleads to be "branded" too. The Rich Jerk then looks at the camera with a disgusted expression:

3) Before it was deleted, a thread on the Warrior Forum raised important questions about the charity aspect of the event. Do you know how much will be given to charity? Do the charities have legal not-for-profit status? What percentage of the funds donated to the charity actual go to helping the homeless, for example, as opposed to administrative costs?

A marketer who demeans women and gay citizens in order to make money does not deserve the support of businessmen like yourself who respect women and practice sound business ethics.

Thank you for considering my request.


Mark Worthen, Psy.D.
Charlotte, NC

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