Oxyfresh Distributor Directory

Please consider one of the following Oxyfresh Distributors as your sponsor. They have taken the time to submit information about themselves so that you can make an informed choice.

Dan & Camille Rogers - Mayacat Creations, Inc. Fort Dodge, IA
- "Dan and Camille have healthcare backgrounds and love using and recommending the Oxyfresh Health and Wellness products.We also raise Burmese cats, and initially discovered Oxyfresh when searching for cleaning products that were safe to use around the cats. We then discovered the other five product lines and enjoyed improved health and then realized the amazing income opportunity available in Oxyfresh."

Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas, Seattle, Washington
- "I was impressed Oxyfresh received so much attention from media outlets. I investigated the company leaders and the company history. I asked around about Oxyfresh in the dental and pet industry and was really impressed with what I found out! ... So I started purchasing their products. I wanted to share the products with others so I became a distributor! I love the products and I know you will too!"

From the Oxyfresh web site: "For over 20 years, Oxyfresh customers have enjoyed fresh breath, white teeth and bright smiles. Their dogs and cats have fresh breath too – and live longer as a result. Oxyfresh customers enjoy greater longevity and vitality through the power of Russian adaptogens and they lose unwanted weight with a water supplement that includes the South American herb, Yerba Maté."