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Dan & Camille Rogers - Mayacat Creations, Inc.   Fort Dodge, IA
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Phone: 515-576-5997 or 877-629-2228 toll free
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Do you emphasize sales of your Products or Services or do you emphasize recruiting new distributors?

About Equal


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Internet Marketing


What are the Advantages of your Business Opportunity?

We are confident in recommending all of the high quality Oxyfresh products that people buy, use, and love forever. You will see that there is a full range of health and wellness items with something of interest to everyone: Dental – Pet – Nutrition & Stress Relief – Weight Loss – Personal & Home Care – Air Purification. Oxyfresh products have been recommended by Healthcare and Pet Professionals[/b] across North America for over 20 years and are enjoyed by customers worldwide.

The income opportunity is exceptional. There are many options to build an Oxyfresh business in a way that meets one's personal style. There are several optional bonus plans to earn residual income. The start-up costs are low; the enrollment/membership fee is just $29.95 per year. There are no required purchases. The compensation plan is among the most generous in the network marketing industry. An Oxyfresh residual income is a great investment for the future and can be inherited. Take a look at the Compensation Plan and Income Calculator in the "Making Money" section of our website to see the potential income that is possible with Oxyfresh.

The Oxyfresh company is based on integrity and on helping others. Our leaders are leaders in the Network Marketing Industry. Oxyfresh distributors partner and play together to help and encourage everyone to succeed.


What three (3) changes would you recommend to the management of your company to make it an even better opportunity?

I wouldn't change a thing. Oxyfresh bends over backwards to meet and anticipate the needs of its distributors and customers, and always listens to our ideas and looks forward and anticipates trends. The products are cutting edge and are what customers want.

What kind of training and support do you, your upline, or your company provide?

Oxyfresh has superb company support from leaders and other distributors. There are excellent training opportunities and partnerships with upline, downline and crossline distributors. The company website and advertising teams are onsite and up-to-date. The company back office page, available to all distributors, is real-time. The Distributor Services team is friendly, efficient, and responsive. Help is always available by phone or email. The excellent brochures, audio and video media, catalogs, and flyers, etc. are available to distributors at cost.

Oxyfresh has a variety of weekly/monthly telephone conference training about the products and the income opportunity. Online educational information including recorded training calls is available in the distributor back office. Sponsoring calls with upline leaders help to develop goals and vision. The Oxyfresh 10 Step Success System Manual is an easily duplicated method for all distributors to use when talking with prospects. There are CD's, DVD's, and printed information available to tell the Oxyfresh story, and to describe the products and income opportunity. 3-way phone calls with other distributors and company leaders are a great way to introduce prospects to Oxyfresh and to train new distributors. Personal development and leadership programs are available to everyone interested in participating.


Personal Information
Dan and Camille have healthcare backgrounds and love using and recommending the Oxyfresh Health and Wellness products.We also raise Burmese cats, and initially discovered Oxyfresh when searching for cleaning products that were safe to use around the cats. We then discovered the other five product lines and enjoyed improved health and then realized the amazing income opportunity available in Oxyfresh.

We have participated in the Empire Builders Leadership course and the telephone conferences, and have attended the National Leadership Conferences so we are informed and up to date in all areas of the company. We are building a supportive team in Oxyfresh along with our upline Joni Egeness and Roland Fox and would love to have you join our team. In Oxyfresh you can be in business for yourself, and yet you are not in business alone. There is always assistance just a phone call away. Please call us today at 877-629-2228 toll free for a no-obligation conversation about Oxyfresh and how it can fit with your dreams and goals for life.

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