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Dale Thomas – Oxyrep – Seattle, Washington

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Phone: 425-214-1193 or 866-389-8672 toll free
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Question: Do you emphasize sales of your Products or Services or do you emphasize recruiting new distributors?

Answer from Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas:

It definitely about the same. Oxyfresh provides an excellent income for both short term and long term in both products and recruiting!
Question: What is you Primary Marketing Approach? From a list of 3 choices: 1) Traditional, face-to-face Network marketing; 2) Internet Marketing; or 3) Party Plan.

Answer from Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas:

Historically I have been an internet marketer. However, I have been focusing on fact-to-face network marketing. I encourage my new people to do the same or at least attempt to find people in their own city or area. This is because I want people to be able to support each other locally and get to know each other face to face.

If someone is a new Oxyfresh Distributor I and doesn’t have any experience with internet marketing I always encourage face-to-face.

I personal don’t do Party Plans however I certainly don’t discourage it! If a new Oxyfresh distributor would like to throw a party and share the products this way then more power to them. I will hook them up with someone who has done a party who can share best practices.
Question: What are the Advantages of your Business Opportunity?

Answer from Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas:

Where do I begin?

The leadership of Oxyfresh is amazing.

Richard Brooke is our owner. Richard has a blue collar background. He started in the industry as a distributor. He is now recognized as legend in the Network Marketing industry and was inducted into the MLM Hall of Fame. He is the author of Mach 2 with Your Hair on Fire, Mailbox Money and The Four Year Career™. In March 1992 Success Magazine did the first ever positive feature article on the MLM industry in a major publication. Richard has the distributors at heart. Oxyfresh is FOR and ABOUT its distributors.

Randy Anderson – again a legend in the Network Marketing industry. He is Field Vice President. When I was first looking at coming on board Oxyfresh as a distributor Randy personally did a three way call with me. I was really impressed!

Dr. Joe Rubino is in my leadership team. He is author of over 11 bestselling books including ‘The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty’

Oxyfresh has created a 100 year plan. They will make sure they are around 100 years from now to make sure you and your family get your residual check every month! They are committed to quality of their product and committed to their distributors.

Oxyfresh IS a Network Marketing company! They are so proud of this. It shows a lot of integrity. They are committed to being fair to their distributors. They teach you about their values. About not trying to cross recruit as it hurts the industry.

Hands down the most lucrative compensation plan! I have been involved with Network Marketing companies off and on for over 15 years and this is the best compensation plan I have seen. Oxyfresh is extremely generous to their distributors. They allow them to make fast money up front but also build a very nice residual income on the back end! It’s amazing!
Question: What three (3) changes would you recommend to the management of your company to make it an even better opportunity?

Answer from Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas:

You know what there is nothing I would change. If there was something I could say I would. I am pretty open and honest. However, Oxyfresh is great in all areas. Even their customer \ distributor support is terrific. They pick up on the first ring and are always cheery! I have been in other companies where you dread calling distributor support. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the people in the company and how everyone treats you. So no, there is nothing I would change.
Question: What kind of training and support do you, your upline, or your company provide?

Answer from Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas:

Oxyfresh training and support is provided in numerous ways:

Company Training
Oxyfresh provides training via weekly conference calls and national meetings which happen several times a year. They provide a training through their distributor website in the form of audio and printed material. Oxyfresh provides professionally produced brochures, catalogs, flyers and ads for print media.

Company Support
Company Leaders – Company leaders are available to distributors.
Distributor Services – This is such a great support service. The folks at distributor services are amazing. They are there to assist you and your customers with any questions or issues you may have.
Media and Advertising Support – Oxyfresh provides media and advertising support to their distributors. This is something I had not seen in another Network Marketing company. They will help you design creative for ads. They have several different pre-designed ads for you already. Amazing!

Upline Training
Upline training is great! Training is provided through one on one’s and telephone conferences. Our upline provides access to their training and support website.

Upline Support
You upline is there to support you through everything. They will work as hard as you to build your business. They won’t do it for you but they will help you.

Personal Information About Oxyfresh Distributor Dale Thomas

My name is Dale Thomas. I was introduced to Oxyfresh after I was seeking a company with great pet products.

I was impressed Oxyfresh received so much attention from media outlets. I investigated the company leaders and the company history. I asked around about Oxyfresh in the dental and pet industry and was really impressed with what I found out! I knew they must have great products. So I started purchasing their products. I wanted to share the products with others so I became a distributor! I love the products and I know you will too!

From the Academy Award gift bags to feature spreads in such magazines as Allure, Health, New Beauty, InTouch, & Men’s Health, Oxyfresh products have been seen by millions.

I am currently seeking both network marketing professionals as well as people who are just looking to get into the business. Please contact me at 425-214-1193.

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