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#1 Recommendation

Magnetic Sponsoring! - This is the product that, more than anything else, has helped me make more money in network marketing.

Just for checking out the product, you receive seven (7) free videos that give you a lot of great information.

But you'll also want to order the Magnetic Sponsoring book (available as an instant download or a physical book mailed to you) because that's where the "big secrets" are revealed.

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Best MLM Opportunities List

The best network marketing opportunities listed below have been in business for at least three years--some over 100 years. They exhibit financial stability and offer hard-working men and women an excellent opportunity to supplement or replace their current income, an important benefit in these difficult economic times. If you don't see a company you think should be on the best mlm companies list, you can nominate it.

The list is in reverse alphabetical order. If you have experience with any of these companies, as a customer or distributor, that you would like to share, please see the Company Comments page. You can even share comments about network marketing companies that are not on this list.

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Here is the list of the best MLM companies:

Youngevity - Features products developed by Dr. Wallach, "The Mineral Doctor," and has established a solid track record of success in the health products arena since 1991. Click here for more information about the awesome business opportunity with Youngevity!

Exciting Opportunity!

Watkins -- Unique, natural products with a trustworthy, wholesome "small town" feel. The company enjoys a solid reputation and has been in business for 136 years! Watkins Distributors. Are you a current or former Watkins customer or distributor? Share your experience with the company on our Watkins Comments Page.

VitaMark International -- Tom "Big Al" Schreiter is President of this up-and-coming health & wellness company -- receiving excellent training from one of the gurus in network marketing is a huge plus! VitaMark International Distributors

UsborneBooks at Home -- Superb product. I love reading their books to my kids. Usborne Distributors

USANA Health Sciences -- Voted the #1 Network Marketing Company by MLM Insider for eight (8) years in a row. USANA Distributors

TriVita - Unique among network marketing opportunities, TriVita does extensive television advertising and allows distributors to purchase customers from the company.

Tastefully Simple - Offers a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare gourmet foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives. Click Here for more information on Tastefully Simple Business Opportunity!

Southern Living -- Beautiful products; financial backing from Time Warner, which owns Southern Living; and, of course, that little magazine one of the Best Mlm Opportunities. Southern Living At Home Consultants

Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry -- I wish they had more products for men because I really liked what they had for guys. But that's a minor complaint for a company with gorgeous sterling silver jewelry. Unfortunately, on August 1, 2016, there website announced that they are going out of business. This is what Silpada Distributors had to say!

Shaklee - One of the most well-established and successful health & wellness companies.

Send Out Cards - Very popular and successful company that allows customers to send out postcards and gift cards from their computer. Company mails actual physical cards. Many home business owners use the service for direct mail marketing, as well as for personal use. Check their system out by sending a free card.

Reliv -- Since their launch years ago, Reliv has been featured on both Business Week and Fortune as Top 20 best and fastest growing small companies lists. This health and wellness company has always been on the move. Independent Reliv Distributors

PrePaid Legal - Once known as Prepaid Legal, this very successful, pioneering company, offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs with contacts in traditionally underserved communities, employers, insurance agents, and financial advisors. Prepaid Legal Distributors.

Pure Romance - Started as Passion Parties offering Sex toys for grown-ups and now the romance best mlm opportunity offering a plethora of items such as gels & creams, bath & beauty as well as adults toys. Shy customers can order online if they don't want to attend a party and examine the merchandise in front of other women.

Pampered Chef -- Warren Buffet bought the controlling interest in Pampered Chef when this sight was launched --and he's not know for making bad investments! Their starter kit is incredible--a deal in itself! The training and support materials are the envy of many. Pampered Chef truly is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities. Pampered Chef Consultants

Oxyfresh -- Oxyfresh started as a well-run network marketing company with unique, high quality products. Did you know? The President, Richard Brooke as a highly respected network marketing professional. Clearly it was one of the Best Mlm Opportunities! This is what Oxyfresh Distributors had to say!

NuSkin (includes Pharmanex and Big Planet) -- One of the oldest and best. Skin care, nutritionals, and Internet services; clearly one of the Best MLM Opportunities. NuSkin Distributors

Nikken -- Products to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise from one of the companies most respected by other network marketing distributors. Nikken is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities! Nikken Distributors

NHT Global -- Formerly known as Lexxus International -- A company unique for its products (their first product was a topical crème, which enhances sexual pleasure for women) and for its rapid expansion into over 30 countries in it's first 3 years, including several nations traditionally not served by network marketing companies. Now, NHT Global specializes in health, beauty and lifestyle products. NHT Global Distributors

JeunesseglobalOriginally, a company with explosive growth called Monavie and still going super strong, this has always been a fast growing International MLM opportunity.

Melaleuca -- The low start-up cost attracts many people to this well-established, successful health & wellness company. Customers and associates like the company's emphasis on creating a healthy home environment free of toxins. Melaleuca Distributors

Mary Kay -- What do Bruce Springsteen and Mary Kay have in common? (Hint: think pink). Okay, so maybe the Cadillac isn't as big a draw anymore but the products sure help to make Mary Kay one of the Best Mlm Opportunities. Mary Kay Consultants

Market America -- Diverse products manufactured by Market America and by partner companies appeals to many distributors. Market America Distributors

Life Force International -- Life Force International features whole-food derived liquid nutritional products. The company reports that they pay out 60 percent on all product purchases to LFI members in the form of commissions and bonuses.

Isagenix - A rapidly growing nutritional company with quite effective advertising, recruitment campaigns and strategies. Isagenix reps are very enthusiastic about their company --- one of the best mlm opportunities for good reason!

Eniva - An 8-year-old, rapidly growing and popular company. VIBE liquid nutritional supplement is their flagship product.

Discovery Toys -- All three of my friend's kids have loved to play--and learn--with Discovery Toys. And, yes, the Dad has been found having fun playing with them too. Discovery Toys is one of the Best Mlm Opportunities!

Top 3 Affiliate Program Recommendations

If you are more interested in affiliate programs than MLM, my two most lucrative affiliate programs are:

1. Magnetic Sponsoring - You need to purchase the book to qualify as an affiliate but it's a darn good book and well worth the investment--particularly since you can earn thousands per year as an affiliate with Magnetic Sponsoring.

2. SiteSell - The website building and Internet marketing education program I used to build this site and earn thousands of dollars per year. Click here to learn more about the affiliate program at SiteSell!

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