Discovery Toys Consultant Michele Lee

Please contact Discovery Toys Consultant Michele Lee, Group Manager, to learn more about the fabulous products and exciting career opportunities with Discovery Toys! Here is Michele's contact information and details about the business opportunity:

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Discovery Toys Consultant Michele Lee, USA
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(215) 884-3960
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Do you emphasize sales of your Products or Services or do you emphasize recruiting new distributors?

About Equal
What is you Primary Marketing Approach? From a list of 3 choices: 1) Traditional, face-to-face Network marketing; 2) Internet Marketing; or 3) Party Plan.

Party Plan
What are the Advantages of your Business Opportunity?

Becoming a Discovery Toys Consultant is a great opportunity. The toys are educational, fun, and high quality. The toys have a life-time guaranty.

There are many ways to sell the toys - home parties, catalog parties, fundraisers, craft fairs, company set-ups, personal shopping appointments, on your website, baby baskets, hospitals, schools, etc.

Our current kit has over $170.00 worth of toys in it. It is only $99.00 and only requires a $25.00 deposit to get started. You also receive our awesome Discovery Toys rolling bag to put the toys in and all of the materials including catalogs, invitations and forms that you need to get started. You also get 3 free months of your own Discovery Toys website.

You really have nothing to lose when you join this company. There are no hidden agendas. It is a company with the main goal of improving the lives of children and families and also giving parents the opportunity to make great money and have fun!!

It is really a risk free opportunity because if someone joins and then decides that this business is not for them, they still get to keep the toys.

Why not give it a try?

What three (3) changes would you recommend to the management of your company to make it an even better opportunity?

The 3 changes that I would recommend have actually already begun being implemented. The company has started giving extra bonuses to achievers, the company incentive trip is now easier to earn and there are some other changes in the works with regard to the compensation plan. We are being told that now is the best time to be involved with this company.

What kind of training and support do you, your upline, or your company provide?

There is a lot of support when you join Discovery Toys. There are many people who are available to train you. There is also phone conference call training & website information for training.

Personal Information
I am a Group Manager with Discovery Toys. I have been with DT for almost six years and I love the company. My children, Michael and Nikki were 3 1/2 years old and 5 months old when I started. They love the toys as much as I do!

Remember that Discovery Toys is one of the Best MLM Opportunities. If this looks like it could be the home business for you, call Discovery Toys Consultant Michele Lee right now to get started!  ~ Editor