Desktop Lightning Review


09 October 2007 - My recent results with Desktop Lightning have been disappointing. The response rate has declined steadily over the past several months. The company has neglected the product, e.g., they have not updated any of the features since it was launched. In fact, the promotional emails and announcements on the site are the same as they were 18 months ago.

It's as if the company, LAZR Marketing Corporation, created the product and then forgot about it.

Consequently, many people who downloaded the Desktop Lightning software program simply uninstalled it. As a result a rapidly shrinking number of Desktop Lightning customers activate the software and review the messages. 

I therefore no longer recommend Desktop Lightning. It's too bad because the it was a good idea and could have been very effective if the company hadn't left it out on the vine to whither and die.

Desktop Lightning is a good example of why it is so important to continually test the effectiveness of your advertising.

If I wasn't using a tracking program to measure the success of all my ads, including those sent out on Desktop Lightning, I would have no idea which ads are working and which are a waste of time and money. Click here if you'd like to see the top-notch tracking program that makes me so much money with its cutting-edge technology and versatility.